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Explore Tanzania

Amazing safari Tanzania

Hi Marjolijn,

Back from my Tanzania trip and all I can say is WOW!
An awesome trip with the nicest and most knowledgable guides around.
All the guys at the campsites were just wonderful and made it feel like home (the bottle of wine each night might of helped with that! LOL!).

Sammy who took me for a walk around the village of "Mosquito Creek" (my partner would have had the insect spray set to nuclear!) was very knowledgable and provided very good insight into the village and the agriculture.
Sean who took me walking in the Serengeti walking zone was just amazing!  Really want to get remote on a 4 or 5 day fly/drive in & hike out safari with him one day!  It'd be awesome!  He really knows his stuff.

And then there was Walter!  Can't say enough good things about this guy.  Will be telling anyone wishing to do a similar trip to book with Wayo and ask for Walter!  He was great company, made the trip special in so many ways, totally knows his stuff and my god his eyesight! Phenomenal! Put this guy on a retainer or something! You can't afford to lose him! :-)

Finally but certainly not least, there's yourself.  I can't thank you enough for putting together the most amazing trip, despite all the hiccups along the way!  Really appreciated everything that you and all the team did.

I'll be back!  Not sure when but I'll definitely be back!
For anyone interested I've got pictures available on Google Drive at:


Please share with Sean, Walter and all the team!


Rob Eager