Little Serengeti near Dar es Salaam

Mikumi National Park is the perfect safari location when you don’t have the time for an extensive safari.

The fourth largest national park in Tanzania offers great wildlife and sightings all year round.

  • Surface 3.230 km2
  • Inhabitants 1.000
  • spring rain season April & May
  • fall rain season November

About Mikumi National Park

If your goal is to spot the ‘Big Five’ (leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo and rhino), you will certainly succeed here with the first four mentioned, but unfortunately the rhino has not been spotted here since the 1990s!

Landscape of Mikumi National Park

The landscape of Mikumi National Park is often compared to that of the Serengeti and for that reason is called ‘Little Serengeti’.

The road that crosses the park divides the park into two areas with partially different environments. The northwest consists of savannah scattered with acacias, baobab trees, tamarinds and a rare palm. In this area, furthest from the road, there are spectacular rock formations of the mountains Rubeho and Uluguru. The southeastern part of the park has fewer wildlife and is not very accessible.

Climate & season

Mikumi National Park has a tropical climate and is a dazzling destination all year round.

March and April:
There’s a higher chance of rain. That means mainly a tropical shower in the morning and sometimes at night. The temperatures are pleasant (25 degrees on average).

May to October:
This is the “cool” period in Mikumi National Park. The temperature is pleasant (on average 21/23 degrees).

November and December:
Precipitation varies, it’s the hottest period. The daily temperatures are between 21 and 29 degrees.

January and February:
The temperature drops slightly, to an average of 25 degrees.

Interesting facts

1. Mikumi National Park is a four-hour drive from Dar es Salaam and is therefore frequently visited for short and weekend trips.

2. Mikumi National Park is an important education and research center. One of the current projects is a field study of the yellow baboons.

3. Mikumi National Park borders the Selous Game Reserve in the south.

4. Mikumi National Park is sandwiched between the Uluguru mountains in the southeast, the Rubeho mountains in the northwest and the Lumango mountains in the southeast.

5. Mikumi National Park is home to the endangered wild dog.

6. Mikumi National Park was founded in 1964.


In Mikumi National Park you can go on safari in jeeps or on foot. Besides, you can take a walking safari in the nearby Udzungwa Mountains National Park.
This park is ideal for visiting en route to Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve.

Mikumi safari


Mikumi National Park is located between the Uluguru Mountains on the northeast side and the Rubeho and Udzungwa mountains on the southwest side. In addition, it borders on Africa’s largest game reserve: Selous Game Reserve.
In Mikumi National Park you find elephants, giraffes, buffalo, zebras, moose, wildebeest and lions and many species of birds.
A definite highlight are the Mkata plains with wonderful vegetation that attracts many elephants and buffalo.

Animals in the area

Mikumi National Park is home to the Big Five, several species of birds and more. Chances are you’ll see many of these animals, right after entering the park.

Common animals include buffalo, wildebeest, giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras, leopards, crocodiles.

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Dieren overzicht Mikumi National Park

  • Buffalo
  • Cheetah
  • Crocodile
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe
  • Leopard
  • Lion
  • Wild dog
  • Wildebeest
  • Zebra

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Accommodations in Mikumi National Park

Unique places with stunning views.

Spacious camps, as a basis for making your safari day trips.

Camp Bastian Mikumi

Mikumi National Park, South Tanzania
€ 18 to € 65 pppn (full board)

Mbuyuni Farm Retreat

Mikumi National Park,
Cozy lodge, Full board
€ 130 to € 175 pppn (full board)

Mikumi Safari Lodge

Mikumi National Park, South Tanzania
Wilderness camp, Full board
€ 65 to € 70 pppn (full board)