Tanzania travel advice

We are happy to give you specific travel advice in relation to your trip to Tanzania.
[Last update April 26, 2024]

Travel advice code yellow
The travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Tanzania is code yellow; you can travel safely to Tanzania.

El Nino
The usual rain showers in both autumn 2023 and spring 2024 have proven to be heavier than normal due to El Niño. The persistent rains have led to flooding in Tanzania, especially in the coastal areas and Dar es Salaam, also resulting in casualties. Far away from the place where we organize our safaris.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict how much rain will fall in the period up to June. But the weather reports prior to our safaris are always carefully studied. Our guides are always well prepared and under no circumstances are irresponsible risks taken. It is good to know that the amount of rain has not led to any disruptions to (our) safaris so far. Clearances always follow after the showers. The color code for travel to Tanzania remains unchanged yellow. For more information, also view the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If the weather unexpectedly has consequences for your trip or choice of accommodation, you will of course hear from us as soon as possible.

What are the obligations for me as a traveler to Tanzania?

  • There are currently no more entry restrictions due to corona / COVID-19.
  • See also our frequently asked questions page for the other vaccinations for Tanzania.
  • For information about the required documentation we like to refer to the KLM TravelDoc app.

I am traveling back to the Netherlands, what (corona) obligations do I have?
You may enter the Netherlands, and also Belgium, without entry restrictions due to COVID-19.

Repatriation in case of code orange? … our care!
In the event of a major natural disaster or a sudden closure of the airspace (such as in March 2020), we look at the situation on site and whether repatriation is necessary in the short term. A (sudden) code orange from the NL government does not mean that you are in immediate danger or that you would no longer be able to travel and that your holiday should end. Code orange is always a travel advice and not a travel ban.

What are the most important pieces of advice when I travel to Tanzania?
Also remember to check your travel – and health insurance policies. In almost all cases, your health insurance covers medical care costs abroad (code yellow or orange), but additional insurance is recommended. If you suddenly become infected with corona just before departure and you are therefore no longer able to travel, then this is again covered by most cancellation insurance policies (e.g. Allianz).

10 reasons why you should be in Tanzania right now:

        1. Tanzania is a safe and stable country. 120 different tribes live peacefully together.
        2. This pure piece of Africa has everything to offer in terms of nature, culture and traditions.
        3. Tanzania has the largest number of game per km2 in all of Africa.
        4. The Tanzanians are happy to show you their beautiful country (again).
        5. Tanzania is more than 23 times the size of the Netherlands, with only 3 times as many inhabitants. So you choose for peace, space and privacy.
        6. You travel in your own party, you are outside in nature all day and you stay in small-scale lodges and private accommodations.
        7. Your travel sum at Explore Tanzania is covered by SGR.
        8. In the event of a possible negative travel ban in the future, we will arrange your repatriation.
        9. You are very welcome.
        10. It will change you. For good.