The best safari guides

During your safari in Tanzania you’ll travel with one of our professional safari guides, who are known as the most professional safari guides within the Tanzanian safari industry. They speak English fluently and are highly trained through our own training center.

The quality and training of our guides are very important for a nice safari. Due to the absence of a good training center for safari guides in Tanzania, Explore Tanzania has set up its own training center together with its partner Wayo Africa.
All guides are now trained through the South African FGASA system. They also follow an intensive multi-day first aid course once a year. This makes you feel safe when travelling.

Most men started their careers by guiding activities such as walking safaris, canoe trips, night safaris and village walks. During these years, they were trained by Wayo Africa about the smallest details in nature. Knowledge of both nature and people makes a fantastic guide. Only the best are then selected and trained as safari guides. Training never stops and Wayo Africa operates the most successful training center in Tanzania. Over 100 safari guides are trained annually.
In addition to good training, we are proud of a permanent group of very experienced guides who work with us from day 1. A close-knit family with a passion for nature and our guests.

Our guides:


In his childhood Emma saw many safari guides traveling through Mto wa Mbu, the village where he grew up. This inspired him to become a safari guide himself. After graduating in Tourism Management, he became an activity guide in 2009 and accompanied guests on cultural trips, mountain biking, canoeing and walking safaris for five years and learned as much as he could about Tanzanian nature and animals …
He likes to share his knowledge with a bright smile, especially with children. “I love my country.”

Emma also speaks Spanish and welcomes you to Tanzania: “Karibu sana” – “De nada” – “You are very welcome”

Our guides
Our guides


James has been a safari guide for over fifteen years and has lived in Arusha for most of his life. In 2002, our collaboration started and James brought his knowledge and experience as a walking guide for the team. James thrives on the fact that every day is really different during a safari. He enjoys the fact that nature changes every season.

“You are not watching a movie here, this is real!” James said.

“The amazing diversity of the landscape and the species of animals makes a visit to Tanzania absolutely worthwhile. I look forward to meeting you and sharing the beauty of my country with you! Maybe during an adventurous walking safari … Karibu. ”

“The guide and host for the entire safari will definitely become a friend.”

Our guides


Prim is a fantastic safari guide and very talented. It’s as if he has a sixth sense for the animals. So he can sit very quietly behind the wheel to observe something and then suddenly starts with the car. Before you know it, you are standing by masses of wildebeest crossing the river exactly at that location. How could Prim know?

Prim has been working for years at Explore Tanzania as a safari guide. He was also the first guide to be promoted to a hiking guide. He has a passion for nature that he can spend months in.

Prim is the peace itself, has a lot of knowledge that it shares with you in a very calm way.

Our guides


Aloyce was born in the highlands of Kilimanjaro. He obtained his Advanced Certificate in Tour Guiding and a certificate in the French language. Aloyce entered service as an “activity guide” in 2008. He’s one of our safari guides who has worked his way up through the internal training program for guides. He took our guests along during village walks, canoeing and cycling. He enjoys guiding our guests in so many special places in Tanzania.

Aloyce his favorite place is the north of the Serengeti during the drying season (July to October). Because it’s full of animals there. “It’s exciting to see the herds of wildebeest when they arrive at the Mara river and cross the river”.


Joseph is a proud Maasai and one of our safari guides who worked his way up through our internal training program. After obtaining a degree in Professional Tour Guiding & Leadership, he started as an “activity guide”. Because of his increased knowledge of nature and wildlife, Joseph became a safari guide and was recently promoted to a hiking guide. Joseph saw in Lake Manyara National Park, very unusual, a fat monkey taking care of a baboon pup. This makes you realize that it’s not just about the Big Five.

Joseph enjoys the little things on a walking safari, which are sometimes overlooked. “Karibu Tanzania” (welcome to Tanzania).

Our guides
Our guides


Explore Tanzania has been working with George since day 1. Over the years, he has guided guests in areas such as Arusha, Mkomazi, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater as well as hiking trips on Kilimanjaro and Lake Natron. He has climbed Kilimanjaro over 20 times.

George was born in the Serengeti so it’s no wonder this is his favorite place. He has also worked for years for the Frankfurt Zoological Society which is researching the lions in Serengeti. His enthusiasm and vast knowledge of wild animals will ensure that your safari will be an unforgettable experience.

“Our safari would’ve never been so special without him.”

Our guides


Leonard grew up on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. In 2010, after obtaining his Advanced Certificate in Tour Guiding, he realized his dream and became a safari guide.
Leonard has a particular love for the central Serengeti. “There is always something interesting to see among the different habitats of woodland, grassland, rocky outcrops (kopjes) and fresh water.” Leonard likes to guide children and see them having fun, while they learn about the environment and how everything in nature fits together. Leonard welcomes you to join him on safari with your family for an authentic African wildlife experience.

“It’s great to see the excitement on the faces of children and to be part of it.”

Our guides


The Ngorongoro area is where Zeph grew up and from childhood he knew he wanted to become a safari guide. Occasionally, he was given the chance to enter the Ngorongoro Crater as a boy to see lions. These were such wonderful experiences for him and when he came back he told everyone his story. His urge for knowledge brought him to Explore Tanzania where he started as an “activity guide”. After three years he was promoted to safari guide. He is very happy that he can spend a lot of time in the bush.

“I’m constantly learning more about the beautiful natural world and I would be honored to share my knowledge and experience with you – a person is never too old to learn. Tanzania is a very quiet country and we do our utmost to protect this wonder of the world. ”