Travel conditions

Booking a trip with Explore Tanzania? Then you also agree to the ANVR Travel Conditions – because Explore Tanzania is affiliated with the General Dutch Association of Travel Companies – as well as the Additional Travel Conditions of Explore Tanzania, which also apply to the trip.

ANVR Travel Terms 2024

Additional Travel Conditions Explore Tanzania 2024

Basic rights Package travel – under Directive (EU) 2015/2302

In addition to the ANVR, Explore Tanzania is also affiliated with the Travel Guarantee Fund Foundation (SGR, personal contribution €5 pp) and the Calamity Fund Foundation (contribution €2,50 per booking).

Explore Tanzania is affiliated with the ANVR, which applies strict standards for membership and the quality of travel and promotes information about it. Our trips are therefore offered under the aforementioned ANVR Traveller Terms, unless it is expressly stated that this is not the case. These ANVR Traveller Terms are also included in the ANVR brochure ‘Travelling? You need to know this.’. In addition to the ANVR Traveller Terms, the brochure also contains other important information (in Dutch). The additional travel conditions of Explore Tanzania have been established by ourselves and are only intended to supplement the ANVR conditions and do not detract from this.
Our trips are covered by the guarantee of SGR, which means that you are assured that your prepaid travel money will be paid back if we should no longer be able to fulfill the agreed performance, due to financial inability. If you are already traveling in Tanzania, the return journey will be taken care of.
And the Calamity Fund guarantees that you will receive (a part of) your travel sum back if we cannot fully carry out the trip as a result of a calamity, or that you will receive a refund for the extra costs for adjusting the trip as a result of a calamity or if we have to repatriate you earlier. A calamity is understood to mean an abnormal event caused by war or natural disaster.