Green Camps:
the ultimate safari experience

If you want to experience Tanzania in an authentic and unique way, our Green Camps are the ultimate accommodation.
These comfortable camps offer you a non-stop safari experience in beautiful locations with the best views. You stay in nature with beautiful views and close to the animals.

You spend the evenings around the campfire and share your stories with the other guests of the camp. Our stylish classic Green Camps are in beautiful locations in Serengeti National Park and Lake Manyara National Park. For example, on a river where you can immerse your feet in the water while the animals pass by.

What makes the Green Camps so unique?

1. Sustainable

The beauty and authenticity of a country are part of an unforgettable vacation. Sustainable tourism helps to minimize the negative consequences for nature and the environment. Our Green Camps offer a very sustainable and environmentally friendly way to go on a safari in Tanzania.

Green Camps
Green Camps

2. Locally made and mobile

The open tents with their contents are completely designed and made in Tanzania and are easy to set up and removed, so there is little impact on nature.

Local manufacturing of the tents and furnishings of natural products reduces the ecological footprint and creates significant local employment. For example, the side tables are made of brooms, the lighting of Chagga drinking cups, the drawer handles of bracelets and the screens of woven banana leaf from Mto Wa Mbu.

“The Green Camps were the highlights. We truly felt one with nature and so heartwarming by the great crew.”

Explore Tanzania Green Camp zon energie

3. Solar energy

The electricity needed in the Green Camps, for example to be able to provide lighting in the dark, is generated using solar energy.

Green Camps mineraal water

4. Own drinking water system

In the Green Camp we have our own drinking water system. This way we do not have to store (plastic) bottles of drinking water. We provide all our guests with water bottles that can be refilled with fresh mineral water.

5. Minimal use of cars

From the Green Camps, we like to organize many activities through which the use of the car is minimized.

Explore Tanzania Green Camp minimaal gebruik auto
Explore Tanzania Green Camp plastic vrij

6. Plastic-free

Since 1 June 2019, a total ban on the use of plastic bags has been in force throughout Tanzania. Our Green Camps are even 100% plastic-free.

“The Green Camps: more than a memorable experience.”

Explore Tanzania Green Camp lokale bevolking

7. Locals

The best way to make the profits from tourism flow back to the local community is to involve them directly. For example, we only work with Tanzanian people and all purchases for the camp are made at local farmers and shops.

Explore Tanzania - Accommodatie Lake Manyara - Green Camp Manyara

8. Family friendly

A safari is a unique experience for the whole family. And during a camping safari you spend time more intimately with each other. The children can also enjoy the camp and have the space and time to play. From our Green Camps we offer fun activities for the whole family. For example canoeing, cycling, walking and cultural trips where you can visit local tribes, markets, schools and farms.


Our Green Camps are located in Lake Manyara National Park and Serengeti National Park:
• Lake Manyara National Park – Green Camp Manyara
• Serengeti National Park – Green Camp South (December to March)
• Serengeti National Park – Green Camp North (July to October)

• Mini migration camp in Serengeti National Park – Little Green Camp (all year, at different locations)
• Multi-day trekking in Serengeti National Park – Serengeti Walking Camp (all year round, also possible in other parks)

• Serengeti National Park – Pembezoni Classic Green Camp (all year)
• Ngorongoro National Park – Mysigio Classic Green Camp (all year)

Green Camps
Explore Tanzania Green Camp bijzondere activiteiten

Extraordinary activities

Follow the great migration on foot (walking)
Looking for a unique experience? Would you like to stay amidst nature, far from the beaten track? Opt for a few days of walking in the middle of the Serengeti National Park.

Follow the great migration on foot (trekking)
Walk to a different place in Serengeti every day while carrying your backpack and tent with you. Meet Green Camp Trekking. No fixed route, but camping and hiking deep in the wilderness. Everything is organized for you. Back to basic, but completely taken care of.

Floortje Dessing – Floortje To The End Of The World (Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld)

For her TV show Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld, Floortje Dessing travelled with Explore Tanzania. She stayed in the Green Camps. Floortje Dessing: “This morning at 6 am, a lot of elephants were standing in front of my tent, where on earth do you experience things like that?!”.

3 Op Reis

In February 2017, presenter Nienke de la Rive Box, together with her cameraman, sound engineer and TV producer, traveled with Explore Tanzania. These were recordings for the Dutch TV show 3 op Reis. Explore Tanzania has compiled the trip in collaboration with BNN. Watch the episode here.

Explore Tanzania en Floortje Dessing - Green Camp