Serengeti from Zanzibar

Are you already on Zanzibar and has the Serengeti been on your bucket list for years? Then interrupt your beach holiday for a few unforgettable days on the mainland of Tanzania. Serengeti National Park, with its endless grassy plains full of wandering ungulates with a large group of predators in their wake, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a perfect combination with your stay on Zanzibar.

Serengeti National Park is unique in its natural beauty. In the period December to March you make safaris on the southern savannas, dotted with acacias and wild animals. And in July to October you will visit the hilly river area in the north. This short safari is all-in, you will be picked up from your hotel in Zanzibar and brought back.

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  • Arrival Day 1
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Travel schedule

After a scenic domestic flight from Zanzibar, across the Indian Ocean and mainland Tanzania, you land in the north or south of Serengeti National Park. The coming days will be filled with safaris by open jeep. These are unforgettable and adventurous days in the middle of nature and among the animals. On the day of departure you fly back to tropical Zanzibar, back to your hotel for the continuation of your beach holiday in tropical Zanzibar.


Early in the morning you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to Abeid Karume Airport for a domestic flight to Serengeti National Park.

After a beautiful flight you arrive in the park; on Kogatende (the north) in the period July to October or Ndutu (the south) in the period December to March. The guide will be waiting for you there and your safari will start right away. You will immediately see different wild animals.

At the end of the day you arrive at the Green Camp for a well-deserved drink by the campfire. After the setting sun you will be served a delicious 3-course dinner. You are in the middle of nature. You will sleep well afterwards!


Yyou will make several safaris, by open jeep. Millions of animals migrate to this park all year round, with many predators in their wake. An unforgettable adventure in the middle of nature.

Ndutu (December to March) is located just south of Serengeti National Park, the perfect habitat for the wandering herds of wildebeest, antelopes and zebras. But also from the leopard, lion, cheetah and caracal and serval cat.
The north (July to October) is green all year round, which is why the millions of ungulates come here when the rest is dry and arid. Their crossing over the Mara River is spectacular, full of lurking crocodiles.

Back on Zanzibar

From Serengeti National Park you fly back to tropical Zanzibar Island and you will be taken back to your lodge from the airport at Stone Town.

But if you also want to experience the old cultural heart of Stone Town, while you’re here, then commit to a night in this bustling city – on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Trip details

During your safari in Serengeti you make the safaris in an open jeep. You will spend the night exclusively in our authentic and comfortable Green Camp in a great location, between the animals, in the middle of nature. The safari activities are led by professional guides together with other guests of the camp.

Vakantie Tanzania novemberVakantie Tanzania novemberVakantie Tanzania novemberVakantie Tanzania november


  • The Great Migration
  • Safari in open jeeps
  • Stay in the middle of the animals

Price indication

July to October (Green Camp North):
€ 2775 p.p. for 2 persons, 3 nights, all inclusive

December to March (Green Camp South):
€ 2805 p.p. for 2 persons, 3 nights, all inclusive

This is the price for the most common travel period. This can work out lower in the low season, favorable exchange rate, the number of travelers and/or children. This can work out slightly higher during holidays or less favorable exchange rates.


  • All transfers
  • Safari camp in a unique location (Green Camp North or South)
  • All meals and drinks
  • Joint safaris in a 4WD jeep, with a very knowledgeable guide
  • Flying Doctors insurance
  • Serengeti National Park Entrance Fee
  • Domestic flight Zanzibar – Serengeti National Park (and back)
  • SGR guarantee


  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Tips
  • Optional Activities


The famous and unique Serengeti National Park is one of the few areas on Earth where nothing has changed in 500 years. The numbers of migrating animals are enormous. A perfect combination with a beach holiday on Zanzibar.

Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Vakantie Tanzania augustus
Vakantie Tanzania februari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari
Serengeti from Zanzibar, 4 days safari

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