Marvelous trip with the kids (+ video)

4 June 2019 | Emile, on behalf of the family

Hi Marjolijn,

It was a great trip with the kids.
We really enjoyed flying with the Cessnas.
The parks and the managers of the camps were very pleased.

In the South, it’s more difficult to see real wildlife in this time. We didn’t see many lions in particular.
However, that was well explained by the managers. Nature is really beautiful in the south. (A few days after our return, two lions killed a giraffe in the camp at Lake Manze. IN THE CAMP. After which a long-lasting conflict arose with a number of Hyenas. A couple of nights before our arrival, a lioness was constantly fighting. and a Hippopotamus, so plenty happens!)

We also had a great time in Zanzibar.

Thanks, and maybe someday until next time.
All the best.

Emile, on behalf of the family.

PS attached stunning video was made by daniël.

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