Not a single corona problem

22 December 2020 | Evelyne and Gerard

Thanks to your perfectly arranged, but not cheap (together $ 230), Covid test, we didn’t have any corona problem during our vacation.

All Tanzanians were very happy with our appearance. Guide George had not seen the Serengeti since February and was happy with this ending to the long idleness. He spoiled us with game drives from early morning until late afternoon. His craftsmanship has ensured that we have become richer in beautiful experiences.

The three safari camps were very different, but all were happy to have guests again. At Oliver’s Camp in Tarangire, the staff were the most caring and the food excellent. The GreenCamp at Lake Manyara was located in a very special place near a waterfall. At the Matembezi Classic Camp on Naabi Hill we were surrounded by animals.

What we also noticed was that the public toilets were neat and clean everywhere and that the check-in at the parks was now completely digitized and therefore went very quickly.

If I had to make a list of highlights, I would say:

  • springboks;
  • elephants mud baths;
  • male lions full of attention for a lady, the same for two cheetah males;
  • large herds of buffalo;
  • flamingos expelled from deep lakes;
  • lioness with three children on ‘a cup’;
  • And in Tarangire and Manyara also the hours when Baobabs, flowering Acasias and birds made up for the absence of many large animals.
  • No one can sail without luck, but three days tens of thousands of wildebeest in front of your tent made the Serengeti days a very big party.
  • And then those 2 cheetahs in front of the tents on the way to the wildebeest a few meters further …

But sitting on a toilet a la chasse at night in the rain in Manyara, an itinerant camp, I only hope to experience once in my life. A rain cover should be possible ….

This was some news from Evelyne and Gerard,
greetings and thanks.

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