Kilimanjaro – the most beautiful experience in our life!

8 June 2022 | Merle & Eric
We really had a blast! We couldn’t have imagined it better, perfect combination between mountaineering, adventurous safaris and beautiful beaches on Zanzibar!
The Kilimanjaro was an experience in itself, for both of us the most beautiful in our lives. A new environment every day, a fantastic group of people around us and the excitement of whether you will reach the top .. pure ecstasy if you succeed!
We also thought it was really special to drive through the Serengeti and Ngorogoro crater. So many animals, so close and every path you take, you will be surprised again. We were lucky to see the tail of the Great Migration in addition to the Big 5, unbelievable to see so many animals in such a small area. Also rewarded with no less than 3 rhinoceroses in the Serengeti, we will never forget how enthusiastic the guide (in Swahili) shouted through the radio.
Explore Tanzania, thank you so much for your guidance, again: we couldn’t have wished for better!

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