April is all about Jane Goodall

22 April 2024

On April 3rd 2024, anthropologist and biologist Dr. Jane Goodall celebrated her 90th birthday. A special milestone as we reflect on her life’s work of conservation for our planet. Her 90th birthday marks a lifetime of pioneering research and love and action for nature.

Jane Goodall left for Tanzania in 1960 to conduct research on chimpanzees. Through her observations, she discovered that chimpanzees have a unique genetic affinity to humans. Her research reached people around the world. In 1986 came a turning point in her life. She hears and sees that the chimpanzee population is rapidly declining in Africa. She decides to leave Gombe Stream National Park and educate about conservation. To this day, she flies all over the world to spread her message about hope and taking action for nature.

Worldwide, Jane Goodall’s 90-th birthday was celebrated in a big way, also in the Netherlands. Because we are special partner of the Jane Goodall Institute Nederland, we were invited to attent and celebrate this beautiful day in the Museon Omniversum we watched the impressive film Jane Goodall’s Reasons for Hope. A beautiful film in which Jane takes you on a journey and tells three hopeful, inspiring stories that make a difference for a better world. We also visited the accompanying special photo exhibition about Jane Goodall’s work.

At our office, April is also dedicated to Jane Goodall. On April 20, for example, we organized a workshop for young people between the ages of 10 and 16, in cooperation with Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots. During this workshop they learned to make their own plan in a few simple steps to take action for nature in their environment. A successful day with new, young do-gooders where a lot of new seeds for initiatives were planted. Watch the short aftermovie of this day.

Jane Goodall’s message of hope changes lives and contributes to making the world a better place every day. Together, we can make a difference.

Wondering how you can take action? Check out the website of the Jane Goodall Institute.