Blog work trip (Marloes): walking in Lake Manyara NP

11 April 2018

Blog work trip in Tanzania (Marloes) March 2018 – Day 3: Walking in Lake Manyara National Park

Today, we can spend the entire day in Lake Manyara National Park. The day starts (as always) early, but that’s not a punishment … I always love to wake up early in the bush! The exuberant birds and monkeys provide entertainment during breakfast at the Green Camp. This place is really paradise for me!
After breakfast, we start the day with a walking safari along the shores of Lake Manyara (approx. 3.5 hours). A very nice part of the park, with the Rift Valley wall continuously in the background, which makes for nice pictures. Along the way, we see impalas, buffalo, wildebeest, many bird species and in the distance 12 lions, which move one by one as we get closer. But Prim also pays attention to the smaller details in nature: ants (nests), spores, bones, droppings, insects and plants. How much the man knows… even ever my high school biology lessons would’ve been so fascinating!
The sun illuminates the clouds away and the views are becoming brighter and more beautiful. But the day is also getting warmer, so around 12 o’clock we are picked up by the jeep. The ride back to the camp is a beautiful game drive. In that short drive we see a lot: the same lions who have sought a cooling off in a tree, impala’s, warthogs, baboons and … the highlight: an elephant who is snacking very close to the road. He completely ignores us and shows his strengths and teeth while working away half a tree. I’ve never been able to enjoy my favorite animal so close! I’m still impressed …
Once back at the Green Camp, it’s time for a delicious lunch, after which we all go for a siesta. At 4.30 pm we again agreed to climb the rocks (at the camp) together. We scramble up and down, while bartender Polka (from now on we call him Superhero) jumps up with a tray full of sundowners like an experienced mountain goat. Ongelofelijk! We arrive on top of the rocks near the waterfall where it starts to rain … Hence, it’s not a very idyllic drink at sunset, but we do have fun!
Instead of a night safari in the rain, we end up in the mess tent. While enjoying drinks and entertaining stories from guide Prim, it becomes fun evening!