Home in Tanzania

3 January 2016

Imagine your childhood memories consist of walking in the wilderness, seeing wild animals, hearing and smelling during many safaris, sunbathing and catching fish on paradise beaches, playing with local African children … We’ve had that privilege.

In 1980, our parents took us, two small toddlers, to live in Tanzania together. We lived in Arusha, a city at the foot of Mount Meru and near Kilimanjaro. We had a wonderful childhood. In 1993 we returned to the Netherlands, but we never said goodbye to Tanzania. That’s also impossible, because our heart is there.

Every time we are back on Tanzanian soil, it feels like coming home. Fortunately we do that regularly; for contacts with our guides from the country, visiting our Green Camps and accommodations and searching for beautiful new locations for our customers.
Would you like to discover this extraordinary country with us? This blog takes you on a journey. See the video ‘This is us’.

Marjolijn & Marloes Pronk