Safely to the top of Kilimanjaro

27 February 2016

Written by Marjolijn Pronk

“Hundreds of different organisations can take you to the summit of Kilimanjaro. However, only a handful of organizations organize the climbs in a safe, responsible and ethical manner.

Men are often waiting at the entrance to the park, hoping for a job as a carrier. Many organisations hire their carriers in this way. As a result, they cannot guarantee the safety of their guests. Alos, the carriers climb the mountain unsafe. They’re often overloaded and don’t receive proper clothing or shoes.

Your safety is our top priority. Our regular guides have been employed by our partner organization for many years and are internationally certified “Wilderness First Aid Responders”. Also, all assistant guides and carriers are First Aid certified. We work with a fixed group of carriers, who also have career prospects. They receive English lessons and training in money management from our partner organization. AIDS and HIV education is provided in their villages.”

A dream came true
“As a child, Marloes and I have been on Kilimanjaro several times. However, we have never climbed to the top. In 2006, I finally did. Together with three friends, I walked the Lemosho route in 8 days. What a fantastic experience to finally be at the highest point of my beloved country!”