Looking for the best Tanzania experience

6 May 2019

I [Marjolijn] am travelling in Tanzania again, on Zanzibar island to be specific. On the hunt for beautiful places to recommend our customers.

There are so many new accommodations! To continue to guarantee quality, I want to see a property before we offer it to our customers. On this trip, I’ve found a few nice accommodations that meet our requirements: small-scale, personal, authentic, nicely located and most important socially responsible (e.g. shopping at local businesses, personnel from nearby villages, responsible waste processing). But also good local restaurants on the beach, run by locals.

Besides hotels I enjoy visiting the island with my children. This is also true today during a walk through the village of Makunduchi. We get fries at a local shop, eat some coconut and chat with our guide’s mother who makes coconut rope and sells it on the market. Happy children chased us: here are a few who amazedly look at the photos on my device. And my son who shares his coconut.

The best part is that I can share all these new experiences and unique places with our (future) customers. Continue to ensure that you have the best Tanzania experience, with respect for the people here.