Preparing and tips for climbing Kilimanjaro

22 February 2023

Do you want to climb the Kilimanjaro? A great challenge awaits you! Read in this blog the best tips for the expedition to ‘the roof of Africa’.

The preparation

Wandelen bij de Kilimanjaro– Look carefully at when you want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. June through September and January and February are the best months to undertake the trek. Read more information about the climate and season here.
– Choose the route that suits you. We offer five different hiking routes, each with its own characteristics. For example, will you go for the untouched nature of the Northern Circuit Route or the full experience of the Lemosho route?
Good equipment is very important during this climb. make sure you have good walking shoes, choose a thick jacket and dress yourself in layers.
We’ve already made a (dutch) packing list for you. That way you won’t forget anything important. Also bring a daypack for everything you need during the trip.
Be fit and prepared. It is advisable to take (long) hikes as training. That way you already get a little bit used to longer walks.

The trek

– Because of the altitude difference, your body needs to acclimate. Take it easy. The higher you get, the harder it gets. Therefore, set your own pace to go step by step toward Uhuru Peak.
Drink plenty of water. Because of the altitude, it is possible that you will suffer from altitude sickness. To acclimate, your body needs more than 3 times more fluids than normal. It is recommended to take altitude sickness pills with you.
Positivity! It is important to start the trek with a positive attitude and enjoy the trek. A positive mindset will get you very far! Finally, climbing this mountain is a fantastic experience. Even remember this in the night to the top.
– Bring a book or playing cards. When you arrive at camp in the afternoon, you may still have time to relax. Then this will definitely come in handy!

Good preparation is necessary for this expedition to the summit of Kilimanjaro. The trek is beautiful and challenging and you are guaranteed to return with an experience for life.

Do you have questions about the climb or the preparation? We are happy to help! Please feel free to contact us.