Relaxing yoga trip to Zanzibar

Relax yourself in a beautiful place in tropical Zanzibar, how great is that?!

This is a week of daily yoga sessions, meditation and breathing exercises from your own instructor.
But also with a massage option and delicious food in good company.
The outdoor yoga deck has beautiful views over the Indian Ocean.

February is a wonderful month to be in Zanzibar and enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea. The perfect time to fully recharge after all the hustle and bustle of the dark months before. You will head into spring of 2025 full of new energy.
The yoga is taught for both beginners and advanced.

  • Travel schedule Click to view
  • Zanzibar Day 1- 7
  • Stone Town Day 3
  • Spice tour Day 5
  • Snorkel trip Day 7
  • Zanzibar - Amsterdam Day 8 - 9

Travel schedule

Treat yourself to this yoga trip to tropical Zanzibar. In cooperation with yoga school Spirit of Yoga, we are again organizing a fully catered yoga retreat in February 2025 (06-14). You enjoy yoga (kundalini, flow and yin), meditation, relaxing massages (option) and healthy food and drinks. But of course you also visit the highlights of Zanzibar with us: a spice tour, Stone Town and a snorkel trip.


You will depart from Schiphol on Thursday 06 February 2025 and arrive at Zanzibar in the course of the evening. Here you will be met by our colleague, who will take you to your accommodation on the southwest coast of Zanzibar. An atmospheric African paradise with houses in ecological style.

At this place on the azure blue Indian Ocean you can immediately relax completely. The next day you start with your first yoga class. After a joint breakfast you can use all the facilities of the resort, such as the spa and the infinity pool. But you can also swim, snorkel, relax in the hammock or take a walk through the (fishing) village next to the resort … take a look. A little later in the day there will be another yoga session.

Stone Town

Today, after yoga and breakfast, you will leave for the historic town of Stone Town, where you will be met by a guide who will show you everyday life in Stone Town, and inform you about its history and architecture.

The tour in Stone Town starts with a coffee at Jaws Corner on the barazas (benches attached to the building) surrounded by men playing bao (traditional board game). At Darajani Market, you can see what’s really going on, behind the scenes. Not far from Darajani is the Malindi dhow port, where most goods, potatoes, tomatoes and rice, for example, enter the island via dhows from the mainland.

After lunch there is every opportunity to walk back to that nice cafe or shop that you had just seen …

Spice tour

After yoga and breakfast you will leave together for the authentic spice farm of the Abeids family.

The spice tour teaches you about tropical fruits, spices and rare plant species. Depending on the season, we will see and taste vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, lemongrass, cloves, ylang-ylang, cumin, garlic, ginger, coriander, pepper, tamarind, chili, oregano and many others. You will hear all about the properties and origin of each spice, and their use as medicine or in food and drink. Make sure to smell and taste everything!

Before driving back, enjoy a farm lunch, cooked by the women in the family using products from their farm.

Snorkel trip

After the yoga you will be picked up by boat and taken to a beautiful snorkeling spot off the coast of Kizimkazi.

The Kizimkazi Reef – perhaps the only really good diving location on the island – is close to the resort. This area is part of an inner reef system that extends to the barrier reef. The reefs here are colorful and you can see lionfish, moray eels, stingrays and turtles swimming in the shallow water. With a bit of luck you will swim surrounded by dolphins. We have lunch on the beach.

We conclude this last evening at the resort with a ceremony under the stars, around the campfire on the beach on the Indian Ocean.

Zanzibar - Amsterdam

Today is the last yoga class with a view of the azure blue Indian Ocean.

You can spend this morning completely according to your wishes at this wonderful accommodation where you can enjoy the beautiful location, the sea and the swimming pool.

In the afternoon you will be transferred to the airport near Stone Town – the Abeid Amani Karumi Airport – for the flight back to Amsterdam where you will arrive the next morning.

Details of the journey

This yoga retreat with Explore Tanzania is a group tour, in cooperation with yoga school Spirit of Yoga.
All activities mentioned are offered for the entire group, but you are of course free to skip one or more parts if that suits you better.
We would like to invite you to read the travel stories of previous yoga trips.

8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar


  • Yoga twice a day (alternating flow and Yin)
  • Daily kundalini yoga, meditation and yoga nidra
  • Own experienced yoga instructor
  • Shamanic campfire healing ritual
  • Learning to work with visualizations, affirmations and EFTs
  • City tour and lunch Stone Town (World Heritage Site)
  • Spice tour with lunch
  • Snorkeling trip


  • Beach Walk
  • Swimming, diving, fishing, sailing
  • Vegetarian, vegan and/or detox
  • Massages


Departure: Thursday, February 6, 2025 (departure from Schiphol in the morning / arrival from Zanzibar in the evening).
Return journey: Thursday, February 13, 2025 (departure from Zanzibar in the evening / arrival at Schiphol on Friday morning, February 14).

The trip will take place with a minimum of 8 participants. A maximum of 12 participants can participate. So sign up quickly because full=full.

Price indication

The price for participating in this group tour is:
€ 1410 p.p. based on a shared room

The surcharge for a private room is: € 250 p.p.


  • All transfers
  • Welcome smoothie
  • 7x overnight stay
  • Use of all facilities of the accommodation
  • Free water, coffee and tea
  • 7x breakfast and 6x dinner (whether or not vegetarian or vegan)
  • 2x a day yoga (kundalini, flow and yin) with Spirit of Yoga
  • Mentioned excursions (Stone Town, Spice and Snorkeling Trip)
  • Kick-off meeting early January


  • International flight
  • Tanzania Visa
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Tips
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Personal yoga equipment
  • Massages
  • Optional Activities
  • Contribution Calamity Fund (€2.50) and SGR (€5.00)

Daily schedule

This retreat offers a holistic approach, addressing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being for a balanced, transformative experience.

Every day starts with a meditation, breathing exercises and kundalini yoga.
This is followed by another form of yoga that will alternate between flow and yin yoga.

At the end of the afternoon there will be another yoga session with yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and additionally the other techniques and rituals that are on the program.

You can fill in the days without an excursion yourself.
On the days with excursion, the yoga and meditation will be adapted to the schedule of that day.

Yoga & meditation

Kundalini yoga is a spiritual form of yoga aimed at generating latent energy in the body. Through physical postures, breathwork, meditation and mantras, this “kundalini energy” is activated, which lies dormant in the spine. The energy moves up through the chakras, which can lead to heightened awareness and emotional balance. Kundalini yoga is known for dynamic exercises and mind-body integration. Is aimed at spiritual growth and self-awareness.

Flow yoga is a dynamic form of yoga, with a connecting breath you are guided through the postures. Flow yoga is yang by nature – firm, active and focused on muscle strength. Because everything in life consists of the right balance, this form of yoga is combined with Yin.

In Yin yoga yin yoga you stay for a longer time in the postures that are only sitting and lying down, and you are only letting go and relaxing.
The combination with flow yoga makes your body flexible and powerful, so that your energy can flow again and you come into balance, you are powerful and flexible again in life.

You will be provided with tools to learn how to meditate, for beginners and advanced students.

With a guided meditation you are guided through a meditation to get into a deep relaxation and to set energy in your body in motion.

You will also get started with visualization, affirmation and energy work to give direction to your life. Where are you now where do you want to go.

During Yoga Nidra your consciousness is between waking and sleeping, a state that you normally only reach in your deep sleep. One session is equivalent to four hours of sleep.
While training your concentration and awareness during meditation, the purpose of Yoga Nidra is to lower your consciousness and activate the subconscious.

Breathwork and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)will be used to release old patterns that no longer serve or are toxic. With these two techniques you can let go of old traumas and reprogram yourself.


Yoga instructor Bianca has a lot of experience and is very passionate in her profession. She likes to tell briefly about her passion.

Bianca Visser
“After my first yoga experience I immediately thought “I want to know more about this!”
It felt so good for my body and mind after the first lesson. It felt magical to me.
Then I started my first training in 2007, after which several more courses followed. I teach vinyasa flow, hatha and yin yoga, but mainly adjust what my students need. I have had my own studio in Apeldoorn for 14 years now. I am also a certified masseuse and have specialized in connective tissue massage and cupping!
I incorporate breathing exercises, meditation, yoga nidra and philosophy in my classes!
For me yoga is a lifestyle!
My wish is to reach as many people as possible with this way of living, to get so much more out of our existence.”


Treat yourself to this fully arranged and relaxing yoga week,
and enjoy the island, the sun, the beach, the sea,
healthy food and yoga.

8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
Yoga Tanzania
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar
8 Days Yoga Retreat Zanzibar

Yoga group tour

This yoga retreat is a group trip by Explore Tanzania in collaboration with yoga school Spirit of Yoga.
Sign up quickly because full = full.

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