Mahale is het paradijs

8 July 2021 | Bart en Lineke
For July 2020, Marjolijn put together a journey for us through the diverse and pristine National Parks of Nyerere (Selous), Ruaha, Katavi and Mahale Mountains. Due to Corona unfortunately we had to postpone the trip. This year we decided, after consultation with Marjolijn and two vaccinations later, to make the trip. Since a pcr test was required for the return trip, we stuck to it for a week in Zanzibar.
We left on July 8th and we had a fantastic time. In the first two lodges we were the only guests and had the staff all to ourselves. And everything was well arranged ‘coronaproof’ in the other accommodations. Accommodations were small-scale. Activities and meals took place in the open air. Sufficient distance was kept, in short, we did not worry for a moment about the virus.

The lodges were beautiful and the nature really overwhelming. Beautiful areas where you go on a game drive with two people and a ranger and you hardly meet other people, only animals. In short, it was a trip full of highlights; the nature that is different in every park, the wildlife, the lovely people, the delicious food and drinks, the fly camping….

Marjolijn had organized everything perfectly.

The highlight of our trip was undoubtedly Mahale National Park. How great is that. The houses on the beach, the strenuous climb in search of chimpanzees and then come face to face with these primates is indescribable.

Finally, we had another wonderful week in Zanzibar. We wanted to go out to sea with a boat, but since the wind was blowing hard all week, this was unfortunately not possible. Helen did arrange lunch on a rooftop terrace in Stone Town on the day of departure and that was great.

During the trip Marjolijn emailed us that the PCR test for the return flight was no longer necessary. This gave us peace of mind and so we could enjoy Zanzibar carefree and let all the adventures we experienced in the past two weeks sink in. The return flight was no problem. At check-in, at two checkpoints we were asked about a PCR test. We told them we had been vaccinated and showed the proof in the Corona Check App and that was sufficient.

We look back on a great journey that we will remember often.

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