May is a beautiful month to go

1 June 2023

Tanzania is very welcoming and everyone is friendly. Not for a moment did I feel unsafe. You can eat tastefully here. At the places I visited, the cuisine was very hygienic. Thus, I did not get any intestinal problems!

The Serengeti was special, fantastic and intense. Not expecting to see so much wildlife from so close up at the time when the Serengeti is at its greenest. leeuwMay is a good month to go. As the rainy season is (or is ending), there are few other tourists, temperatures are relatively pleasant and it looks spring-like. I will definitely come back again (in May)! We stayed at the Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp: This was luxury camping in the wilderness. I give it 5 stars: location, service and food. The only negative point was the group of Chinese on the last night (10 people), who were quite present (noise, phones, smoking).

On Zanzibar, we stayed on Jambiani Beach: beautiful beaches and small-scale (boutique) hotels. It was quiet there, partly due to the low season. There were plenty of opportunities to do activities here (didn’t do any). Again, we had delicious food here.
Stone Town: nice little town. Well worth a 2-hour tour (rich history and beautiful buildings, good to see they are renovating in full swing).

All in all, all my expectations were exceeded and it was a trip I will never forget (thanks to you guys :-)).

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