Our honeymoon, after a year of delay

13 August 2021 | Mark & Josephine

After we had made the difficult decision in 2020 to postpone our honeymoon, and with it the wedding itself, by a year, this summer it was really time to continue our dream trip.


We started the journey in Zanzibar, where we stayed for six days in the Karamba resort, where the wedding ceremony will also take place. It is a small-scale resort in a quiet part of the island. A nice detail of this location is the height difference of 6.5 m between low and high tide, so that you can lie on the beach for part of the day, and at a later time a mudflat of several hundred meters is created in the sea. We enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and the unprecedented hospitality here.

After this we left for Arusha and from there we made a trip with our excellent guide Emmanuel to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and Central and Northern Serengeti. We mainly stayed in green camps, which we really liked and gave a nice contrast to our stay in Zanzibar. Even though we were often the only guests in the camps, you didn’t notice this and we were extensively looked after and deliciously cooked.

Our highlight of this part of the trip has to be the animals in Central Serengeti. Even our guide was amazed at the huge numbers of lions and elephants we encountered there
Our last stay was the Africa Amini Maasai Lodge in West Kilimanjaro. This is an absolute must for anyone who would like to delve deeper into the Maasai culture. We were assigned our own Maasai guide, Philippo, and he told us in detail about their culture and customs.

We would like to thank Marjolijn for planning our wonderful trip and Paul for all the help and support when we were there.

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