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22 February 2018 | Eric and Rita van Pinxteren

Hi Marloes and Marjolijn,

Yesterday we returned from our trip through Tanzania: tired but very satisfied It has become an unforgettable experience for us. The safari trip was as we hoped it to be. Started calmly, at our own pace.

First, the visit to Arusha National Park. Not that big but enough to warm up for what was to come. The Rivertrees accommodation is great. A must to start with.

Then to Lake Manyara. Travelling there was already beautiful. You’ve sent our a very good, friendly and knowledgeable guide. Emanuel has done everything to show us the most beautiful places and could tell a lot about it. He also knew when to keep his distance, to let us discover in our own way. In short: a gem.

The stay at Green Camp Lake Manyara was super. No luxury, but enough convenience. Employees did everything to give us a carefree stay. We succeeded. The park itself is also not that big (it turned out later when we visited the other parks), but nature at its best.

The stay at the Rothia Valley Tented Lodge was a nice change in the trip. Luxury, with even a swimming pool. The owners (the doctors duo) very hospitable, so are the employees. We had a wonderful time there.

The visit to the Ngorongoro Crater was impressive. Spotted our first leopard there. Here too, Emanuel managed to find the most beautiful places.

Then to the Serengeti. We also stayed there in a Green Camp. Again, a fantastic experience surrounded by nature. The giraffes walked a short distance in front of the tent, as did the hyeanas.

Of course, the park is and was very impressive. We spend three days with the Toyota through the park. We’ve seen and experienced alot. To never forget.

Relaxing on Zanzibar was necessary to process all impressions. The stay at the Ndame Beach Lodge hotel was wonderful. Perhaps not the most luxurious, but just right for us.

In short, we had a wonderful trip. Thank you for organizing it. Everything was arranged perfectly. The stays, the transport, the guide not to be forgotten, the staff in the lodges, the flight. We tried, but we can’t think of anything else that should have been possible or different.

If we can do something for promotion, please let us know.

Thanks again!

Eric and Rita van Pinxteren

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