Sun, sea and Zanzibar – during Corona

16 May 2021 | Roeland en Dyenne

What a fantastic two weeks we have had. If we ever go on a honeymoon, we are afraid that our experience in Zanzibar cannot be surpassed. To sleep for two weeks with the sea in the background and walk straight to the beach from your hotel room. Beautiful nature, long beach walks, cycling through traditional villages, lunch on a deserted island, snorkeling and reading books. For us this was the perfect balance between relaxing and still getting out and exploring.

The first nights we stayed at Fumba Beach resort, where we had the most fantastic room. Everything so green, monkeys, hammock and diving straight into the sea from your bed. Meeting special people, having lunch on an uninhabited island, having a delicious meal. The resort has several terraces, sitting areas and beaches, giving the entire place an atmosphere that is just perfect. Everything was right.

Then we stayed at Jambiani, a bit busier but a nice change after a few days of ‘polle polle’. Choose from several restaurants, shops and beach bars. In ‘normal’ times we can imagine that it is busier, but also now a nice place to be. Absolutely safe and people are eager to receive more tourism again of course.

Our last stay was at Hodi Hodi, the icing on the cake. What a great place and what a hospitality. We saw the full moon rise from the sea, where we dined under. A table set for two, on a deserted beach – a great joy. The sand under your feet was like mud, so soft and so white! The plan was to also have a bite to eat in other places and to be active, but this place invited us to stay there. The food was particularly good, the people wonderful.

To anyone with doubts to travel to Zanzibar in these crazy times: go! Give the people there a glimmer of hope again and enjoy the peace and quiet, the extra hospitality, the special atmosphere that now hangs there. For us it was really two weeks in paradise.

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