Thoroughly enjoyed

28 February 2023 | Natascha & Roeland

We really had a super fantastic, wonderful holiday!
It was so incredibly beautiful, so great to see the animals, so close! Very very cool!!
It was really a very special, unforgettable experience!!
We thoroughly enjoyed it!!

Our guide was John. There was also a student, Kenneth, who wanted to become a guide.
They were both super nice and very good!!
Both very helpful and committed to us!!
John knew so much about all the animals and knew how to find every way. Incredible since there are so many dirt roads and trails.
He was also very good at spotting animals!!

We started with 2 nights in Arusha, Rivertrees Country Inn, very nice Lodge!
Made a safari through the Arusha National Park for 1 day, we saw a lot of giraffe, monkeys and zebras there.

Then we went to Tarangire National Park for more than 1.5 days.
What a beautiful park!
Seen a lot of beautiful things! Also a couple of lions in the tree. So cool!
The stay at Lake Burunge Tented Camp was also super fun! The view was very nice!


After this we spent a day in Lake Manyara. Beautiful National Park, brilliant green!
Very densely wooded so quite difficult to spot the animals.
But at one point where we just drove, a very large group of elephants came out of the woods. It just kept going, there was no end to it.
So cool to see, really beautiful!
So many sweet and cute baby elephants. They were all playing with each other and frolicking in the sand. So very nice to see, really great!!
Our accommodation here, Migombani Campsite was a great accommodation. On top of the mountain, with a beautiful view!!

Then we went to the Serengeti. The road to it was really beautiful!
We spent 2.5 days in the Serengeti.
How incredibly large and vast, very beautiful!! Seen many wonderful things. Leopard in the tree, cheetahs under the tree, lots of hyenas, giraffe, elephants, vultures, lots and lots of zebras, lots of lions and countless wildebeest, unbelievable so many, where you could look full of wildebeest, super!!
We slept in the Green camp in the Serengeti, how beautiful there in the middle of nature, there in the park, was great!
The people there were really nice and service was super!
The 2nd night there, when we just came back at the beginning of the evening, we asked for hot water to take a quick shower and then 1 of the people said to me, come on, you have a visitor… I thought uhm 🤔…. I visit….😊  then there was a giraffe nearby 😎
so incredibly great!!!! 😃

After this we drove to the Ngorongoro Crater, it was beautiful on the way.
We slept here in the Rhino Lodge.
At night I heard something (I wasn’t afraid, but I thought what is it…) when I looked out the window, there was an elephant in front of/against our porch. 🤩
So cool to see!! Very nice!!
The next morning we went into the crater. Very very beautiful here!!
Saw 2 rhinoceroses, unfortunately far away, but we saw them. Also saw a lot of hippos. And the lions so close to the car, very cool!!

Then we drove to Olerai Lodge. This is where our Safari ended. Unfortunately it was over again.
We treated John and Kenneth to a drink and chatted. Was very cozy.
Then we said goodbye to John and Kenneth.
The Olerai Lodge is beautiful, very beautiful there!
The manager (girl) who worked there spoke Dutch, she had lived in the Netherlands for about 15 years. Very nice girl!

The next morning we were picked up around 11 am for our flight to Zanzibar.

The accommodation in Zanzibar was fine, the owner, a Dutchman, was also very friendly, talked to us several times and chatted with us.
Very nice and also the staff super friendly all!
Had a wonderful stay there!
Relax and chill, super!!

In short, we really enjoyed the trip, it was a wonderful adventure and hopefully we can / can make another trip like this.

Thanks for the well organized trip!

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