Unforgettable Ruaha

27 February 2023 | Albert & Iet

No more than 2 short phone calls were needed for Explore Tanzania to convert my ideas into a travel plan. Explore Tanzania clearly knows the country and understands its customers and has therefore arranged this trip for us down to the last detail within a month.

Report from a 10-day safari trip in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park, early March 2023:

We left from Schiphol to Dar es Salaam, where we then took a domestic flight to Msembe Airstrip. After driving through the park for about two hours, we reached our first camp, Ikuka Safari Camp. The camp is beautifully situated on a hill overlooking the river and plains of the park. The accommodation is very luxurious and the food was fantastic.

We spent four nights at the Ikuka Safari Camp and during this time we made fantastic game drives. Our guide was very knowledgeable and knew a lot about the behavior of the animals and their habitats. Because the Ruaha National Park is so large and attracts relatively few tourists, the animals were very shy and difficult to approach. However, this made for an authentic safari experience, where we observed the animals in their natural environment and behaviour.

After spending four nights at Ikuka Safari Camp, we moved to our second camp, the Kichaka Zumbua Camp. This camp is also beautifully situated and offered a high level of accommodation and culinary experiences. During our stay here we did spectacular walking safaris and again made fantastic game drives, where we saw different types of animals, such as lions, elephants, giraffes, hippos and different types of antelopes.

After eight fantastic nights in the wilderness of Ruaha National Park, it was time to return to Dar es Salaam. We took a domestic flight from Msembe Airstrip and then a night flight to Amsterdam.

This safari trip was an unforgettable experience and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an authentic and unique safari experience.

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