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2 February 2023 | Renata, Nathalie cs ...

On February 2, 2023, a group of 12 yogi, guided by Bianca and Nathalie from yoga school Spirit of Yoga, left for an 8-day yoga retreat on Zanzibar. A number of stories will be bundled below.

The story of Renata:
I joined Explore Tanzania on the 8 days yoga and wellness retreat in Karamba resort in Zanzibar. Wonderful rustic style, but not too much retreat and with very beautiful natural vibe. Practicing yoga in that environment was absolutely amazing. The group of mostly women and one boy of all walks of life bonded very quickly over many excursions (Stone Town, Spice farm, Dhow sailing) and experiences we all enjoyed. Easy to say that especially for me, a non Dutch speaker, was heartwarming to feel included right the way.
We all said that we want to do that again, I think that says it all.

The story of yoga teacher Nathalie:
We have been looking forward to this for months and February 2 was finally here: our yoga trip to Zanzibar could begin! At 05:45 we (Bianca and Nathalie, from Spirit of Yoga) were in the car on our way to Schiphol to meet all participants and board the plane together.

On arrival at Zanzibar airport we were met by a local with a bus that would drive us to Karamba. Everyone was ready to go with his or her luggage, except Nathalie [that is me]. She was writing down her details with the hope that her luggage would still arrive. The art of letting go was already in full swing!

Karamba was a dream location. The location itself already invited you to relax and to enjoy yourself in complete surrender. And the yoga had yet to begin; that promised something!

There was yoga twice a day. In the morning we start the day together with a vinyasa flow and in the evening we ended with yin yoga. The last two days there was still a massage of your choice for everyone on the schedule. A full moon ceremony, a sunrise meditation and a yoga nidra were added to the program on site because of demand.
The full moon ceremony was held on the beach. We had arranged through the accommodation that a campfire would crackle at this place and at this time, super nice! But when we arrived at the appointed time and place, the only light to explore came from the full moon. Well, admitting to a different culture and different times is part of it! No worries, no hurries.

The yoga deck overlooked the sea. It was the peace and quiet itself. A place to reconnect with yourself. See and feel how you are doing. Enjoy moments of pure silence. It was delicious!

The daytime excursions that Explore Tanzania had arranged were great fun. A day trip to Stone Town was planned, with a guide, a Spice Tour, where we could taste everything that grew on the trees, and a Sunset Tour with a barbecue on the beach afterwards.
Furthermore, there was time during the day to do something yourself; you could explore the nearby village of Kizimkazi, take a walk on the beach and make friends with large starfish, sea urchins and non-stinging jellyfish, or read a book on the beach bed.

All in all, it was a very pleasant and valuable week! It was a gift to be able to connect with yourself and each other for a week on this piece of land and at this accommodation. We went energetically a bit lighter, with a battery recharged and full of positivity back home.

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