Walking in Tanzania

A walking safari is an extraordinary way to discover Tanzania.
You can take a short walking safari of a few hours (for example along the shores of Lake Manyara) to multi-day walks amidst nature.

During a walking safari, it’s not about covering as many kilometers as possible. Yet, it’s about being outside and enjoying the environment surrounding you. You pay more attention to the small details in nature. It is great to watch an elephant at a distance. During a walking safari you are always accompanied by a professional guide and park ranger.

Throughout Tanzania, you can take walking safaris at beautiful locations. There are a number of special sites that we would like to highlight.

Wandelsafari Tanzania

Walking possibilities

There are multiple possibilities for walking in Tanzania.

Serengeti Wandelsafari TanzaniaRuaha Wandelsafari TanzaniaNgorongoro Wandelsafari TanzaniaZanzibar Wandelsafari TanzaniaWandelsafari TanzaniaLake Natron Wandelsafari Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

Walking in the Serengeti is unique and is only allowed in designated areas in the Serengeti. Only a handful of organizations have received permission to walk in this part. Explore Tanzania is one of these!
The walks in the Serengeti are multi-day, with a minimum of two nights in the Green Camp in the hiking zone. You can enter the days according to your wishes. The goal is not to cover as many kilometers as possible, but to enjoy the environment, nature and animals. Be surprised by the beautiful nature of Tanzania!

Ruaha National Park

A safari in Ruaha National Park is a special adventure. The park is one of the most isolated parks in Africa. Ruaha is located in an unspoilt and remote part of the south of Tanzania. The park is not visited by large groups of tourists, making it one of the largest and most wild parks in Africa.

The park is very suitable for walking safaris. You can spend days here without seeing anyone else.


The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is an area of 8,292 km2 containing the world famous Ngorongoro Crater (304 km2). The area around the Ngorongoro Crater is a beautiful area for a walking safari.

Options are:

  • A short walking safari from the lodge;
  • A day’s walk from the Ngorongoro Crater rim to your lodge;
  • Multi-day trekking.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is beautiful. When you stay in our Green Camp, you’re far in the south of the park where few others are (this is the only camp in this area). It is very special to take a walking safari in the morning. During the walk you walk along the shore of the lake under the guidance of an expert guide and park ranger.

The walk is in a beautiful setting overlooking the Great Rift valley. During this walk you enjoy, among other things, beautiful bird species, monkeys and various antelopes. You also pay more attention to the small details in nature: traces in the sand, droppings, insects, plants and more. Surprising and educational!

The walk ends at hot springs.

Arusha National Park

Enjoy a walking safari in the Arusha National Park. You start at Momella Gate (the entrance to the National Park) and walk through this beautiful area with an armed park ranger. You enjoy the impressive flora in the rainforest, the birds and animals and the volcanic landscape of Mount Meru. During the hike you have a view of the Meru and Kilimanjaro mountains on a clear day.

Empakai to Lake Natron

This is one of the most special draws in East Africa. In addition to the particularly beautiful nature, this trek also offers the chance to get acquainted with the Maasai tribe and the unique culture. You walk from the Ngorongoro Highlands to Lake Natron.


Walking safari Tanzania, Arusha National Park

Walking safari Tanzania, Lake Manyara National Park

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