A work visit to my beloved Tanzania!

28 February 2017

On 17 February 2017, I (Marloes) left for a work trip to my beloved Tanzania. Due to the pregnancy & birth of Eva in June 2016, I had not been there for 1.5 years … Far too long!

This time on the program: 4 nights in the Ruaha National Park. Marjolijn & I have been here before, but it was definitely time for an update.

During the domestic flight from Dar es Salaam we left civilization behind and Tanzanian nature among us grew wilder and wilder. Magnificent! Flying above Ruaha I saw the first herds of elephants drinking at water pools … Hooray, I was back!

My first stop: Kichaka. A camp set up by guide Moli & his wife Noelle. Moli is among the top 10 best safari guides in Africa and man, have I noticed… such knowledge and passion! The unique Kichaka is not your “standard” accommodation. It’s all about the experience here and especially: walking! Moli is a great hiking guide and along the way he tells (in a very entertaining way!) many stories about the nature’s wonders. Very fascinating … I’m still full of it!

Afterwards, I stayed at Ruaha River Lodge, Kwihala Camp and Kigelia Camp, from where I naturally made beautiful safaris too. A high variety in lodges / camps, but all very nice in their own way. This proves there is something great for everyone, also in this part of Tanzania.
I have been home for almost a week, but my mind is still fully inspired by this beautiful piece of nature in Tanzania.

Please, call or email me if you want to know/hear more!