Walking tours in Serengeti National Park

27 March 2017

Imagine – you, the animals and the African wilderness. This is the most unique Serengeti experience you can ever imagine! Immerse yourself in the pristine Serengeti with a walking safari and see areas where few other travellers set foot. You don’t go from lodge to lodge and won’t sit in the safari car all the time. Instead, you get out of the car and feel your senses suddenly wake up in the bush.

If you want to do a multi-day hike then our trekking safari is a unique experience, you will reach the most remote corners of the Serengeti. Our camps allow to go on an adventure while not following the animals via a fixed route. The walking routes go from one wonderful place to the other. Imagine, you spend the night in an idyllic oasis in the middle of the forest, looking at the stars.

These beautiful walks are one of the best and most memorable African experiences! Explore Tanzania is a pioneer in setting up walking safaris, especially in the famous Serengeti National Park.