Blog work trip (Marloes): to the Serengeti!

7 June 2018

Blog work trip in Tanzania (Marloes) March 2018 – Day 6: To the Serengeti!

Last night it became very cozy & late, so to be woken up very early in this wonderful, luxurious bed is extra difficult today … But! The first morning light over the Ngorongoro Crater turns that right back around! In this camp you have a view of the world-famous crater from your bed and that is unforgettable!
After breakfast, we get in the car and start our journey to our secluded hiking camp in the Serengeti. This will be the first day without an active element outside the car, because we need the time today to drive from A to B. But that is not a punishment: we get to see a lot of beautiful things along the way!
Before we descend to the endless plains of the Serengeti, we enjoy the view in the Ngorongoro highlands. To our left is the Ngorongoro Crater, to our right the Gol Mountains and the vast Serengeti. As far as the eye can see: protected nature reserve … Beautiful! A few Maasai pass us en route to the market … imagine this being your weekly route! We can’t get enough of this kind of views.
Along the way, we see many giraffes and four males are fighting. Ee enjoy this spectacle in silence… After this we look for a nice place for a cup of coffee; those are also valuable moments during a safari. While driving from the highlands to the Serengeti, the plains are increasingly filled with dots. Thousands of wildebeest, zebras and gazelles on the green plains … Incredible amount of animals, wherever you look !! (March is a fantastic time to witness the massive migration in the south of the Serengeti National Park.)
We have lunch in our Green Camp at Naabi Hill, and there is also time for a little siesta in the shade, with a view over the dotted plains. Recharged, we continue towards the southwest of the park; even further away from civilization. Our hiking camp is very remote and is the only one in this area, so we have this part of the park all to ourselves. This is almost unthinkable for a world-famous park like this! (For your image: the road ends at a given moment and the last half hour we are “wild riding”!)
The landscapes on the way to the camp are beautiful and while we drive into the camp, we are (again) treated to a fantastic sunset … A long, but very valuable day!