Homeschooling in Tanzania

10 January 2021

The Netherlands will go into lockdown again at the end of 2020 and I decide to travel to Tanzania on January 2, 2021 with my sons aged 10 & 12. After all, homeschooling is also possible there, my second home.

Talks about the next lockdown are in full swing at the end of December. I see an excellent opportunity, especially now, to go to Tanzania with my children (12 & 10 years old). I lived there for 13 years, and every year I often come here for work. I know the country like the back of my hand and I know that we can be very safe there. And best of all: we can live outdoors together for two weeks.

I book the flights with KLM and look for a number of nice locations in Tanzania where we are sure of good WiFi, peace and space. When I tell Bob and Guus my plan, they smile from ear to ear! On to Tanzania!

8 hours later we drive in the dark, via a bumpy road, to our lodge in Arusha, on the slope of the Meru mountain. In a beautiful forest surrounded by a mega pond with many birds and sometimes monkeys. With only ten rooms on such a large site, this is really the best place to be if you are looking for peace, space and variety. A beautiful garden with all kinds of hidden seating areas, croquet games, a swimming pool to cool off or to be active every day. You can walk for hours around the lodge or explore the area on one of the horses.

We spend a lot of time by the water and I use the birds as the subject for a photography lesson. With the lovely people who work here, Bob and Guus also brush up on their English.

Monday January 4th has arrived and we are all online. The boys follow their online instruction and make their lessons. After a few hours outside, under a tree, with singing birds in the background, we take a walk and then dive into the pool.

And that’s how we do it every weekday. Everyone at work in the morning, traveling to the next location in the afternoon or simply enjoying nature and warmth.