PCR test in Tanzania, location Zanzibar

25 January 2021

PCR test in Tanzania, location Zanzibar

In order to travel back to the Netherlands you need a negative PCR test. I [Marjolijn] undergo this myself on Zanzibar to be able to travel back to the Netherlands in mid-January 2021.
If you travel with us, we will arrange for you to be at the test location on time. Whether on Zanzibar, Pemba island or on the mainland of Tanzania.

The information I had then was that I could only pay with a VISA card at the test location (= PHEOC Migombani Center, in the old CPS building, opposite the Military Camp & NMB ATM. Every taxi driver knows where that is). Since I only had a MasterCard in my pocket, I first went to the People’s Bank of Zanzibar. There you can pay US $ 80 in cash for the PCR test. The receipt is your proof of payment that you can hand in at the test location.

PLEASE NOTE, you cannot pay by card inside the bank. This is only possible if you actually have an account with that bank. Sometimes the ATM does not work outside, so you have to look for an ATM elsewhere. Our driver will of course be happy to help you. So it is always very handy to have enough cash with you.
When you arrive at the test location, it appears that you can now also pay in cash (and therefore also with VISA card). That makes a difference.

I have to wait in line to show my receipt. There it appears that they need a copy of my passport. For 1000 Tanzanian shillings I can have this done at the next counter. After I have my proof of payment and copy of passport, I go back to the next desk.

There they would like to know my name and address, date of birth, accommodation on Zanzibar and return date.
Then I get a receipt (which I have to keep) and a number. I wait quietly in the shade until my number is called for the test.
After about 20 minutes I am called and the PCR test can take place.

Three days later I will come back to this location. All folders are available by nationality. My negative test is located in the folder Netherlands / Luxembourg.
[This is no longer necessary and you will receive your results online. Check out our coronavirus info page for the latest developments.]

That ends well, all right.

PS The also compulsory quick tests can be taken shortly (4 hours) before your return flight at the airports of Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar.