Slow Travel: 10 important benefits

13 November 2023

Taking more time for one destination and really being able to experience nature and culture. That’s what slow travel is all about. We give you a few reasons why you want to experience your next trip the Slow Travel way.

1. You avoid the hustle and bustle of hopping from place to place so you can relax more in one place.
2. Traveling less is environmentally friendly. By staying longer in one place you can reduce the carbon footprint of your trip. Also check out our duurzaamheidspagina.
3. Slow Travel allows you to get better acquainted with a destination’s culture, people and traditions. You create lasting memories through meaningful experiences.

4. You have time for activities you might otherwise skip – think hiking safari or canoeing.
5. When you have a leisurely schedule, you have time to get a good look at the nature parks, your guide has all the time to tell all the instructive facts about nature and animals.

6. Slow Travel gives you time to discover the hidden, beautiful places you might have otherwise missed.
7. By staying longer in one place, you support the local economy.

8. Traveling without haste creates spontaneity. Have lunch in the bush or stop at that one special location. It’s all possible.

9. Slow travel is also nice for your wallet. You spend less money on transportation and accommodations.
10. Slow Travel offers you personal growth, self-discovery and a better understanding of the world. It will change you. For Good.

Want to read more about Slow Travel? Read it in our blog. The most important thing for us is that your trip fits perfectly with your wishes so you can experience Tanzania at your own pace. We are happy to help you put together your trip. Feel free to contact us!