What to expect on a hot air balloon safari in Tanzania?

22 May 2023

A balloon safari is definitely the highlight of your trip. When you fly above the vast plains, all you hear is the sound of the wind and animals dashing past below you. Everywhere you look there is nature.

Wondering how this flight goes from start to finish? We have experienced it and would love to explain it to you!


On the day of your balloon flight, you will be woken up early in the morning with a steaming cup of coffee. It will still be dark in the bush and you will be escorted to the jeep. Here you will meet the driver who, after a detailed explanation of the course of this morning, will take you to the spot where the balloon will take off. The fantastic driver knows his way around the pristine wilderness of the Serengeti or Ruaha National Park flawlessly. And if navigating in the dark is not difficult enough, chances are he will also manage to spot some (nocturnal) animals. Before you get to the place of take-off, you have already completed a night safari!

night drive

Arriving at the place where the balloon will take off, a delicious cup of coffee or tea awaits you. It’s just a short wait for the balloon to fill with air and the fog to clear. Excitement rises and it’s time to board. The pilot gives a good explanation so you know exactly what to expect. He distributes people to the balloon’s basket based on weight. You start lying down in the basket until it is upright. Slowly, the basket is now lifted up and there is a lift-off!

ballon take off

The hot air balloon first flies low and gently just above the ground, but eventually slowly starts flying higher and higher. From the balloon, you have a panoramic view of the overwhelming landscape below you and the rising sun. The balloon sails on the wind and therefore flies in the direction where the wind takes it. After an impressive flight, you land in the middle of the bush. The car with the crew that followed will clear the balloon, while you toast to a fantastic experience with a glass of champagne or fresh mango juice. The reason (or excuses) why champagne should be drunk is a good story that the pilot will be happy to tell you.

After the champagne, you are taken to the next location, where a beautifully set Zanzibar-style table awaits you. With a whole menu to choose from, you’ll enjoy a delicious (champagne) breakfast complete with sandwiches, eggs and fruit. There will be live cooking for you and there is even WiFi available to instantly share your best photos with the home front.

A fantastic experience richer, this morning comes to an end. You have the rest of the day to explore Tanzania’s nature, now just from the ground.

Afraid of heights? The flight is gently built up from low to high. The balloon is no longer in contact with the ground. This ensures you won’t suffer from fear of heights.

As we experienced it, a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti or Ruaha National Park is a real dream come true. It is a fantastic experience that will stay with you forever. We would love to help you realise this dream and add it to your trip for you. Feel free to contact us!