Types of accommodations in Tanzania

24 April 2023

Tanzania has many kinds of beautiful and small-scale accommodations located in the best spots in the middle of nature. Hospitable with good service and of high quality. Every accommodation in Tanzania has been visited by us and carefully selected. We check whether they meet the high sustainability requirements we set. For example, we pay attention to whether the local population, and hotel and guesthouse owners can benefit from our arrival and we check whether there is respect for people and the environment.


Accommodation classes, comfort, select and exclusive. But what does that mean?

Because all accommodations are beautiful, it is difficult to choose where you want to stay during your trip. we have made a division into accommodation classes; Comfortable, Select and Exclusive. In this blog, we would like to explain how we arrived at this.

Comfortable accommodations have simple and clean rooms, a good bed, friendly service, a hot shower and a dining facility. They are in a nice location, sometimes in undiscovered areas and are favorably priced.

For example, one of our favourite accommodations in this class is Mambo View Point Eco Lodge in the Usumbara Mountains. Located on a 1900-metre cliff with breathtaking views over the African plains. The cottages are spacious, comfortable and feature solar lighting. By staying at this lodge, you support the local community through the project set up in Mambo village.

Mambo View Point

If you also want the most authentic and eco options, for the real Africa feeling, choose our select options. Here you enjoy good quality, extra comfort, excellent service and atmospheric rooms in beautiful and natural surroundings and close to the animals. These accommodations offer personal service, staff are well trained, there is more privacy and there are extra facilities like massages, bathrobes, wake-up service.

A great example is Green Camp North, in a beautiful location in the north of the Serengeti. This camp is in the middle of the area where migrating animals can be seen between July and September. The camp consists of ten glamping tents. Each evening a delicious three-course meal prepared by the chef is on the programme. The camp is mobile and can be easy set up and taken down in different places, thereby having little effect on nature.

Green Camp Kogatende

Exclusive accommodations are of the highest quality. You are pampered here so you enjoy complete luxury in the bush or on the beach. These are beautiful and unique accommodations, designed with care and attention, from tree houses to private camps and water villas.

A beautiful exclusive accommodation is Greystoke Mahale, located in western Tanzania in Mahale Mountains National Park. A spectacular area that attracts several hundred tourists a year. The six exotic thatched bungalows are made from recycled dhow ships. Greystoke Mahale is socially involved in local projects and offers everything you need to enjoy a luxury stay.

Greystock Mahale

Lodges, wilderness camps, fly camps and resorts. What is the difference between all these accommodations?

Intimate lodges
Tanzania is home to great small-scale lodges. These lodges often have beautiful gardens where, in addition to a historic and authentic colonial main building, there are a few cottages, tents or bungalows. An example is Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge. A farm with eight cottages located on the forested slopes of Mount Meru. Fumba Beach Lodge is another example of a lodge with atmospheric rooms and luxury suites. There is a beach bar, a beautiful swimming pool and a massage parlour. At a tented lodge, such as Kubu Kubu Tented Lodge, the walls are made of canvas. The tents are spaced widely apart for plenty of privacy.

Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge

Tented Camps
Tented Camps are in the middle of nature and extremely suitable for the ultimate non-stop safari experience. After all, you sleep amidst the animals; you don’t get any closer to nature. These camps are spacious and the tents have plenty of privacy. The canvas tents, sometimes with a makuti roof, are fully furnished with a lovely bed and have an en-suite (outdoor) bathroom for a fully serviced stay.
Green Camp Lake Manyara has eight eco-tents and is located in a unique location by a waterfall in Lake Manyara National Park. At night, there is a good chance of elephants walking around your tent.

Green Camp lake Manyara

Fly camping
When you go fly camping, you set off into the wilderness with your own guide. The fly camp is a small and mobile camp that can be set up at any time and moved with you. When the sun goes down, the dome tent will be set up for you, a delicious meal will be cooked for you and you will sit cosily around the campfire. Moments later, you fall asleep on a comfy mattress under the stars and the sounds of nature. Among others, Green Camp Trekking offers this unique experience in the Serengeti. A very exclusive and a private wilderness experience awaits you here.

Green Camp Trekking

As there are many beautiful lodges in Tanzania, there are beautiful resorts on Zanzibar. Nur Beach Resort, for instance, has ten bungalows decorated with ecological materials on the beach of Jambiani on Zanzibar. The resort offers various excursions and all facilities for a fully catered stay.

Nur Beach Resort

Special accommodations
Tanzania has many unique accommodations in the most unusual places. For instance, you can sleep in a treehouse at Chole Mjini Eco-Lodge near Mafia Island. You can sleep underwater at The Manta Resort near Pemba Island, or stay in the architectural village of Ngorongoro Crater Lodge on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater. Chumbe Island Coral Park is located on Chumbe Island and is a private eco-reserve. As a result, it is only accessible for guests of the seven eco-bungalows.

THe Manta Resort

Whether you stay in a simple lodge or a private island, an authentic tented camp or in a beautiful villa we are happy to help you pick the perfect locations for you. Feel free to contact us!