A wonderful holiday!

12 July 2022 | Gert, Janet, Pernille & Bjorn

After a night at the Outpost lodge our seven day safari started from Arusha. On the way there it was very nice to see the environment change and to see the first zebras already among the groups of cows of the Maasai. The safari started in the Tarangire National Park. It was great to spot a lot of wild animals there next to all the Baobab trees. That evening we stayed overnight at the beautiful Simba Lodge, located between Tarangire and the next park we visited. There we had a view of waterbucks from our tent and enjoyed the zebras from the pool.

The second day we encountered a huge number of elephants in the jungle around Lake Manyara. In addition to the elephant, many other animal species could be seen, such as the colored bee-eater. Due to the beautiful surroundings, we drove to Migombani Campsite at the end of the day, where we had a beautiful view of the valley.

From the Campsite we drove into the Ngorongoro Crater on day three. The way up through the tropical jungle looked fairytale in the mist. Arriving in the crater, Emmanuel our guide first looked for a nice place where we went for breakfast. Indescribably beautiful to do so in the middle of nature while watching the elephants graze.
Driving through the crater we saw a lot of buffalo, flamingos, cranes, hundreds of zebras and a beautiful serval.

Then followed the largest park: three nights in the Serengeti. At Into Wild Africa the food was good, the staff very friendly and sleeping among the sounds of the animals was fantastic. We have spotted countless special animals in the beautiful, endless landscape. We even saw lions hunting next to our car! Emanuel our guide always captivated us with his great knowledge about the animals and always brought us very close to the animals so that we saw, for example, a couple of lion cubs playing beautifully on mother’s belly.
One of the most impressive things was seeing the migration. The wildebeest crossed the Mara River in great numbers and the sound of hundreds of running wildebeest was so spectacular! Like the whole safari was.

After this unforgettable experience we had six days to recover in Zanzibar. At Belleveu Guesthouse in Bwejuu it was very relaxed. It was wonderfully quiet on the clear white beach. It was also possible to walk over it to Paje. We did a Blue Safari where we went snorkelling. All in all it was a wonderful holiday that was very well arranged by Explore Tanzania.
Everything was perfectly arranged and we had delicious food everywhere.

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