A world holiday

11 January 2024 | Corine & Hans

In January 2024 we really made a world [holiday] trip to the beautiful, unknown to us, Tanzania. With this we have made our dream come true.

After a good information evening, we chose Explore Tanzania. What a great organization!

The entire trip was arranged in detail. It has become an unforgettable holiday experience for us. What beautiful nature and wildlife. And certainly not to forget the extremely friendly and hospitable people.

We had a great time with our guide Alfa, with whom we are still in contact. In total we visited four different national parks, all of which were amazing. In the end we liked the Tarangire National Park the most.

After the safari on the mainland of Tanzania, we had a wonderful time in Zanzibar at the Beach Resort The Loop.
From here, in addition to the boat trip to an uninhabited island, where delicious food was cooked for us on the beach, we also made two mountain bike tours.

It was a very nice experience to see how happily the people live there, almost completely self-supporting, in the bush.

We would like to thank the Explore Tanzania team for the perfect care and this beautiful holiday.

Corine & Hans

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