Like a dream…

22 December 2023 | Eva, Bram, Saar, Roos & Liz

Together with three singing girls in the backseat, on the way to the airport, our journey to Tanzania began. Excited, full of expectations, of course tense, but thanks to Explore Tanzania also with confidence, we were more than ready for a great adventure.

After a light culture shock for the girls, the euphoria started in bed with monkeys playing on the roof of our house. The girls’ own cameras turned out to be a good move, which not only made it fun to capture monkeys, but also made it a sport to get a beautiful picture of the environment. It was wonderful to recover from the trip (have a nice swim) in these beautiful surroundings and immediately feel that something special had started.

After the second day we met Walter, Rasta Walter, as he called himself. A sweet, engaging guide with a lot of knowledge and an eye for the children. In addition to his enthusiasm, his commitment to seeing the animals and enjoying the environment, he also gave us the space to experience this experience together as a family.

Being a guest with the animals of Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater is almost impossible to put into words. It was so special to spot the Big 5 and be so close to nature.

Being close to the culture was just as special. A tour of the banana plantations, painting lessons for the girls, a visit to a public school, a walk through the tree tops, dancing with the Maasai and eating with a local family gave appreciation for this culture, in which socialism at many times is visible.

The evenings were well organized, always in a lodge with a swimming pool, so that the girls could cool down and relax after exciting and sometimes tiring days.

The trip ended with relaxation in Zanzibar where, as icing on the cake, the girls had the opportunity (with grandpa’s sponsorship) to snorkel among the dolphins in the Indian Ocean.

It is like a dream that has come true for which we feel great gratitude. Gratitude for a wonderful trip and grateful for so much valuable time together.
Explore Tanzania made our dream come true!

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