Baby boom in the bush bush

13 February 2024 | Kazuko & Wilfried

After a long flight of 8.5 hours we landed at Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania. This is my first time visiting Africa, while my husband has previously traveled to Egypt.

Our adventurous safari started in the Arusha National Park, located at the foot of Mount Meru, which is no less than 4566 meters high. During our trip we could even see Mount Kilimanjaro, with its impressive height of 5895 meters. The lively monkey families with their playful little ones were a real joy to behold.

We then continued our journey to Lake Manyara National Park, where we experienced an exciting night safari. During this safari, on the way back to our Green Camp, we met two lionesses with their two adorable cubs, who appeared to be only about four weeks old. We were in an open jeep at the time, and my heart was pounding with excitement. Fortunately, the lionesses completely ignored us and walked quietly past, while the curious cubs looked at us and squeaked before following their mother.

The highlight of our trip was without a doubt the Serengeti National Park. In February there are more than a million wildebeest there, and we witnessed the spectacular birth of many calves. Within minutes these calves were on their feet and starting their first long walk. A few months later they would have to cross the river as part of their migration.

Our journey ended in the breathtaking Ngorongoro National Park, with its enchanting crater landscape and diverse populations of herbivores and carnivores living harmoniously on the 1600 meter high crater floor.

Tanzania is a vast country, more than 22 times the size of the Netherlands. Despite the poverty, people here laugh a lot and therefore radiate a lot of cheerfulness.

Our guide and driver, Iddy, not only told us all about the fascinating animals, but also about the life of the Tanzanians. He is very funny and we laughed a lot with him.

All in all it was an unforgettable experience!

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