Yoga Zanzibar 2024

1 February 2024 | Jeske, Annemieke ...

On February 1, 2024, a group of 8 yogis left, led by Bianca Visser from yoga school Spirit of Yoga, for an 8-day yoga retreat in Zanzibar. Some travel stories are collected below.

Jeske’s story:
Asked by my sister to go on adventure together; a yoga retreat on Zanzibar with the known yoga teacher Bianca.
What a beautiful place: Karamba Resort. What beautiful nature, what peace, delicious food, with an hour of yoga in the morning and at the end of the afternoon.
A bit more active yoga in the morning (oh yes, do I still have muscles there?) and a more gentle yoga session in the evening with more breathing exercises.
Every other day we went on an excursion, during which my dream came true on the snorkeling trip: swimming with dolphins. Truly a gift!
To be honest, my stress level was very high when I went along, so the trip came at just the right time. And I enjoyed it so much! The group was small, casual and diverse.
Explore Tanzania, thanks for this organization. I can recommend this week to anyone who wants to find peace and relaxation in yoga, in a fantastic place!

Annemieke’s story:
It was truly a top retreat! To relax in a completely different, very beautiful and natural environment with incredibly friendly people, support at the resort by the Maasai, really delicious food, monkeys, beautiful birds, beautiful bush smells and sounds! And hot it was!
Moreover, it was a very nice group of yogis, all beautiful people. With a top dedicated yoga teacher Bianca Visser. It was wonderful to do yoga twice a day and get to know new yoga styles.

There was a lot of free time and there were fun joint program components, such as spice farm, Stone Town and a snorkeling trip. We got to know a beautiful underwater world with to top it all off and spontaneous happiness: swimming with dolphins in the wild!
In short: we like to dream back. Thanks to Explore Tanzania for the good organization and guidance!

Jorien’s story:
I went on my first yoga retreat with hardly any yoga experience. That doesn’t matter at all for this trip! Yoga teacher Bianca responds well to everyone’s experience and possible injuries. The trip was wonderfully relaxing in incredibly beautiful surroundings. The azure blue water, the sun, friendly staff and jumping monkeys make you feel like you are in a true paradise. The group was small and diverse and wonderful to start and end the day together with a yoga class. In between, you can go ahead and do what you like. The three excursions in the program were very nice, from culture, fruit, spices and snorkeling. A gift was swimming with dolphins that spontaneously passed by on the way to the snorkeling spot. I can recommend the trip to anyone who needs a week of rest and recharge.

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