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19 April 2024 | Theo & Thijs

“You come with the blessing of rain”. With those words and a hearty smile we were welcomed to Arusha. In almost all interactions we had with the local population, the Maasai, with the guide and with the employees of the lodges/camps where we stayed, friendliness, geniality and optimism were evident. Traits that seem to be woven into Tanzanian DNA. The disarming Tanzanians quickly managed to forge a pleasant atmosphere and a palpably beautiful bond. Real and sincere contact. With us and with the children. Saying goodbye was therefore quite a task in some locations, especially for the children… The Tanzanians touch our hearts directly; We in the “Western world” can still learn a lot from this…

After we leisurely visited the coffee plantation in our lodge, visited a workshop where people with disabilities were employed, stayed with the Maasai for a few days (and no, that was certainly not a ‘trick’ or somewhat artificially designed. It was beautiful to not only get to know this culture better, but also experience it) and we visited various schools and a hospital, it was time to go on safari. We have been to Tanzania before and have therefore prepared a beautiful and peaceful safari program together with Marloes through Tarangire, Ndutu and the Serengeti. After this intensive 10-day safari we were able to relax near Lake Manyara.

The nature in the parks, well, we can be brief about that: we think Tanzania is the most beautiful country in the world. Nature treats you again and again to different images, smells, colors and experiences. Sun, rain, endless plains, mountains, rainforest, acacia forests and so on. And wherever you go; there is always a surprising interaction with the animal world nearby. Sometimes you have to put in the effort and pay attention to details. From small (dung beetles at work, a scorpion hunting for termites, fantastically colored birds) to large (roadblocks of elephants and giraffes, lions with young cubs in the bushes, cheetahs fighting with each other); we were frequently surprised. And if, in addition to the regular game drives, you are also lucky enough to do a night safari in Tarangire, a balloon flight in the Serengeti and a delicious sundowner and bush breakfast in the Serengeti, then you don’t really know what will happen to you. So impressive. We will never forget this.
We can talk and write about this endlessly. But in this case, images may say more than words. Watch our video for a compilation of what we experienced during our trip.

Tanzania Safari 2024 by Theo and Thijs

It may be redundant, but the fact that we have traveled several times with Explore Tanzania shows that this is a nice, warm and reliable organization to travel with. From planning in advance to the completion of the trip, everything was perfectly arranged.
Our guide, Emmanuel, deserves a mega shout-out! He showed us so much (such a sharp eye; wow!) and he did this with great respect for nature. He also loved the children; they really have a friend. And, not unimportant, he always managed to get us safely to our destination, even in sometimes very challenging circumstances. Capable!

Tanzania captured us years ago. We keep coming back.

Does it affect us? Absolutely, over and over again.
Has it changed us and our view of the world? Certainly, it puts many of our (Western) beliefs into a different perspective.

And perhaps the most beautiful thing: from all the trips we make to Tanzania, the memories remain vivid and present in scents and colors. With all of us. And no one can take that shared warmth in our hearts away from us.

We are already looking forward to the new memories we will make together in the future.

Until next time!

Theo and Thijs

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