Tanzania Photo Trip 2024

19 February 2024 | Evelyn, Viviane ....

On February 10 and 19, 2024, a group of photography enthusiasts, led by photographer Krijn van der Giessen, left for a 9-day photo trip through Northern Tanzania. Below is a travel story.

The travel story of Evelyn:
The trip with Explore Tanzania was really perfect! We received good information about the trip in advance by post and email.
The trip itself was well organised, with beautiful accommodations and a knowledgeable and friendly guide who knew a lot about the animals and the beautiful nature.

The accommodation in the Serengeti – the Green Camp South – seemed like a dream upon arrival. Sleeping among the wild animals, the hospitality of the employees and the delicious (but excessive) food. The employees really try to pamper you and make contact with you. There was a pleasant and warm atmosphere.

I was only gone for a week but it felt like three weeks because we experienced so much.



The travel story of Viviane
On Monday February 19th the time had finally come. The fantastic photo trip to Tanzania was about to begin. The trip organized by Krijn van der Giessen and Tanzania Explore. I have been looking forward to the trip so much. Personally, I could only enjoy the anticipation. Everything was arranged by Explore Tanzania, such a great service.
I already met the other photographers at Schiphol. The flight with KLM went great. Once you arrived at Kilimanjaro Airport you could already feel the heat. I was a bit nervous, but everything went well with the visa, but it went smoothly and the suitcases also arrived. And then we went outside and Krijn van der Giessen was already waiting for us with a taxi driver. Everything in the car and off to the first hotel. Along the way we had to deal with a real African rain shower. Furthermore, we did not see much of the area because it was already late in the evening. Once we arrived at the hotel we were received very warmly. After a welcome drink we were escorted to our rooms.
Waking up the next morning in fantastic surroundings. Enjoyed a delicious fresh breakfast in the open air. Welcome to Tanzania. Just here at the hotel it was beautiful. After breakfast we packed everything and took the camera out of the bag because we were soon picked up by our guide.
And there was Ben, our guide. He introduced himself nicely and after a round of names he already knew all our names. I thought this would be a fun week. Ben went to pack the car with all our suitcases. We received some camera explanation from Krijn, because yes, we will be able to see everything as soon as we get in the car. We wanted to leave the hotel and then we saw monkeys in the tree. Great, I immediately started taking pictures, this is different from the Apenheul.
Hop into the jeep on the way to Lake Manyara. It was a beautiful journey through real African villages. I was amazed and sometimes found it very confronting with how we live in the Netherlands. I quickly noticed that the people are all very friendly. I noticed that my tensions before the holidays decreased and I started to enjoy it. After a beautiful drive we arrived at Lake Manyara park. First Ben had to get a stamp. This must be done at every park or arena. We were also allowed to get out of the car here, but we had to close the windows for the baboons.
When we were ready to leave, the roof of the jeep was opened so we could stand. And we went into the park. We had just passed through the barrier and yes, a whole family of baboons. How wonderful to see something so quickly. Whichever way you looked you saw big and small monkeys everywhere. After taking quite a few photos due to my enthusiasm. We were on our way to the first Green Camp. It was a beautiful trip and we already saw beautiful animals and nature. When we were close to the new camp we saw three more giraffes walking. It was very special, so close by. When we arrived at the new Green Camp, the crew was waiting and we received a warm welcome. After a nice cold drink we were given an explanation about the tent and escorted to the tent. This was great in the middle of nature. Dinner outdoors under a starry sky with animal sounds is really so special. A night of sleep in nature with different new sounds is really cool. Waking up in the middle of nature is so special. After a delicious fresh breakfast we left for a morning safari. A quiet morning in nature, but there is also something about hearing the animals and not seeing them. In the afternoon we took some rest and sat under the main tent after lunch to look at and edit the photos from the previous days. In the afternoon we went on safari again. We came across 2 elephants grazing near the lake, at one point number three also joined us. I took such a beautiful photo of this.(1). All three of them went into Lake Manyara. A great moment to see and experience this. After a great afternoon/evening safari we had a delicious meal at Green Camp. The next morning we said goodbye to the crew and headed to the Sergenti via a sightseeing view over the Ngorongoro Crater  and then on towards the Serengeti. Via a bumpy road along the Maasai tribes. So special to see.
Once at the Serengeti, we enjoyed an honest lunch and then continued for the stamp, otherwise you are not allowed to enter the Serengeti. And there the adventure of the Serengeti began. Soon we saw a secretary bird that walked and then flew into the tree. Wow he/she this on a nest with two young. We drove on after a while. You see zebras and wildebeest everywhere. At one point we saw giraffes near a kind of bridge with water. The giraffes went to drink. After many more photos we drove on. We also saw hippos swimming and we were almost at the Green Camp and then there were elephants. Unfortunately, this elephant was not entirely happy to see us. But yes, that is also nature.
When we arrived at the Green Camp in the Serengeti, the crew was waiting for us there. Such a warm welcome after a long journey. Brought to the tent after a drink. Well this was not a tent but a super luxurious lodge. How beautifully decorated and the view. After a lovely shower, we went to the main tent. Here we also had a delicious dinner under the stars. I found it exciting because you are more out in the open. But there were so many staff walking around and keeping a close eye on everything. “You were not allowed to walk to the tent alone in the evening, you were brought neatly and in the morning it was still dark and you were also picked up neatly. You flashed your flashlight and they would come and pick you up.
The two full days on the Serengeti were wonderful, fantastic, enchanting. So much considering the animals with prey, the migration and the endless nature. Special. All high points. And then not having any telephone reception, I loved it.
I have also had moments where I didn’t take any pictures for a while but mainly enjoyed everything I saw. So special. This is a once in a lifetime moment. I really felt like a human being that I was allowed to experience and see this.
The morning of departure there was a fantastic sunrise, unfortunately we saw no animals so we just saw a beautiful tree with a hot air balloon. Also a real African picture. We are taking pictures (2) and suddenly a herd of Wildebeest comes running past. GOOSEBUMPS!!!! A traveling companion filmed it. This is a video that I watch almost every day. So very special. On the way further we came across three male lions. I really had to shed a tear then. This was a dream. See these beautiful, powerful animals in the wild. Also very happy with the photos I took of those moments with the lions. (3).

Still enjoying the morning when we arrived at the Crater. A great experience to drive down there and suddenly find yourself in the middle of the crater. Had a great day here. With even a rain shower. It was nice to cool down a bit. After a day in the Crater we arrived at the last overnight stay. A nice hotel. The room here also has a beautiful view over the vegetable gardens. The next morning the alarm didn’t go off very early, which was nice haha. Took a walk around the hotel grounds. Here they had their own coffee bean plantation. Cool to see this once. I’m not a coffee drinker, but it’s special to see.
And there was Ben, who came to pick us up for the last activity. Take a village walk in the village of Mto wa Mbu guided by Yusuf. We started in a rice field and then went to the banana plantation. Seen live how a man and woman harvest the bananas there. Very impressive. We also walked past a wood shop. Here men make all kinds of different animals, bowls, etc. from wood. Very nice. Then we walked to a painting studio. And past a real market. Then we got into the TukTuk and were driven to Ben’s office. Here we had lunch and changed clothes. And then it was time to drive to the Airport.
And then it was time to say goodbye to Ben. What a fantastic guide and driver that was. So much passion.
I can only look back on this trip with such a fantastic feeling. I was quite nervous when I went there. I had an image in my head of a lot of poverty and pitiful people. But what a beautiful life these people live in their own way. You see how proud they are of their country and want to show this.

Tanzania is really in my heart and I will definitely go back there again. And then I let Explore Tanzania arrange it again. It was a trip where I was able to enjoy and relax. It was a great experience. A photo tour guided by Krijn van der Giessen that I will not forget. Every photo I look back brings a smile to my face.

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