If only you could keep that vibe

19 July 2023 | Gerard, Annelies, Saar en Floore

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We went to Tanzania from the end of July to the beginning of August 2023 with our two daughters (aged 22 and 18). For the first time really far away as a family (I traveled a lot before the children were born). Something that has been a wish for so long… The girls also really wanted to come, even though the eldest no longer lives at home, we wanted to share this experience with them.

We enjoyed it from the first to the last day, have seen, did, experienced, learned, smelled and eaten so much and got to know the country for a very small part. The animals were part of every day, we saw or heard ‘game’ everywhere and lived among them.
We had a great guide, Stanley, who knew a lot and shared it with us. Later in the trip he also told more about his own life and dreams. A nice person to have with us. The five of us really went out, that’s what it felt like. He was everywhere during the twelve days we traveled through Tanzania. And even at the airport when our flight to Zanzibar turned out to be wrongly booked, he stayed with us and helped us put this right!

We were very close to nature and animals. The nights we slept in tents were the best! The sound of the animals all night long. Honestly, I’d go even more basic next time; just camping in a tent, wonderful!
The hospitality was enormous. What kindness everywhere and what lovely people. If only you could keep that ‘vibe’ around you when you get back home.
Green Camp Lake Manyara was our favorite, we shared the camp with another family who also had two daughters. A great click, super fun sporting days… The guys who worked there really made our stay so great, we laughed a lot, talked and looked at everything that passed by and was there.

Serengeti Wilderness Camp was also a favorite, same design, beautiful surroundings and so much fun! Breakfast in the bush, suddenly a table laid out with breakfast somewhere, we were completely surprised and found it very special. There too, very nice people who took care of us and gave us a hot shower if we wanted. The Swahili shower was really great haha!

Lake Natron Camp was a completely different experience than the days before; dry, dusty, other animals and people in a different environment. That took some getting used to at first, but in the end it was very special.

Zanzibar was our “cherry”… we were in such a wonderful place there! New Teddy’s was great, exactly what suits us, which was a great experience for Explore Tanzania. Lovely atmosphere, beautiful place, kited, swam, walked, sat and looked at everything there was to see…
No other input was needed after everything we had already experienced. We were ‘full’ of experiences and full of the country. We took it in slowly and flew home with a lot of new memories!

The holidays are still simmering after…

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