Mountain Meru is more beautiful

19 November 2021 | Hans-Peter

I lived in Dar es Salaam a long time ago, and I wanted to see what it looks like now.

But first to mount Meru. Wondering if that mountain is indeed more beautiful than the Kilimanjaro.
The day after arriving in Arusha we (Valence and a ranger, the auxiliary troops take the direct route) immediately set out. That ranger is not superfluous, because here and there you have to watch out for the solitary buffalo. So keep your distance! I enjoyed the peace, the beautiful forest and the giraffes.

The food in the huts was really excellent, and the walk (with some scrambling here and there) to the top was fantastic.
With a satisfied feeling (indeed mount Meru is more beautiful, and especially quieter!) It was good to enjoy a glass of beer at Rivertrees Country Inn. In addition to the regular monkeys, you can also see the Colobus monkeys climbing through the trees from the veranda!

Then to Dar es Salaam. And a lot has changed since then! Hotel Slipway turned out to be a great base, and I had a wonderful few days there. On the last day I went to chill on Bungoyo island.

It was a bit tense with the reporting about the COVID situation in South Africa (the list of countries slowly moved north), but no problems at the airport.

Thanks for a perfectly organized trip!

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