Respect and helpfulness

30 September 2023 | Maria & Marit

Good morning everyone from Explore Tanzania,

Thank you very much for arranging a real dream trip in Tanzania for me and my daughter Marit. We really enjoyed the country, the friendly people, the lodges and the camps. Of the animals and nature. It was all perfectly organized and arranged by you.

What made the trip a truly unforgettable experience was our guide George. Besides the fact that he arranged everything for us from the start so that we could start every day without any worries, he gave us the eyes, the ears, the nose and the feeling for this beautiful country for the people, the animals and nature. We couldn’t have imagined a better guide. With his broad knowledge of everything in Tanzania, the country, the people, the environment, the animals and knowing what is happening and happening, he managed to be at the right time and place with us many times to gain unique experience. Such as the killing of a Buffalo by 3 lions at Lake Manyara. It was an unforgettable event, very ‘wildlife’ and incredible, on this beautiful journey.
But he also managed to give us the peaceful silence of a quiet lunch in the vicinity of a large group of elephants. How beautiful to experience their daily grazing and interaction so quietly and peacefully in the vicinity of these beautiful animals. Also the cheetahs, the phyton in the tree, giraffes and zebras and so on, we enjoyed them even more because of George’s stories about how the animals live and the patience and tranquility with which he took us into this beautiful world. In short, we had a very, very nice trip.

The hot air balloon ride was fantastic. What a view.

Unfortunately we did not see a wildebeest crossing, because it had already happened two weeks earlier. The food is always fresh and tasty, we certainly enjoyed it. The clean beds and cozy accommodations. We miss it already…and so does George!

Also unique for me to have been able to experience this with my daughter.

This trip is certainly very doable for people who have a walking disability like me. The respect and helpfulness of the people in Tanzania is enormous. They really want to help make everything possible.

Many thanks again and compliments to all of you from Explore Tanzania.

Many regards, Maria & Marit

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