Together on safari in corona time

20 June 2021 | Xavier & Rais, Frank & Brigit

Friends Xavier & Rais and Frank & Brigit report on the safari they experienced together….

Just returned from a fantastic safari experience in Tanzania. A trip that was initially planned for June 2020 but could not continue due to Covid. Also this year we doubted for a long time whether we would leave, but now that we have gone, we do not regret our decision for a second, including all the fuss about Covid guidelines.

Although Tanzania has never known a real lockdown, the Tanzanians have also seen black snow due to the absence of tourists, after all, remember that there are no support measures for catering, temporary unemployment and the like. Tourism is now slowly starting to get going again; for our wonderful guide George, with 30 years of experience, it was also his first safari back after sitting at home for over a year and he was super motivated. It was heartwarming to see the guides smile at each other as the cars crossed and cheered that they could get back to work.

We started our journey in the small but beautiful Arusha NP, ideal as a starting point. Then to beautiful Tarangire with its imposing baobabs, beautiful views, herds of elephants and staying in the fantastically located Tarangire lodge where elephants stood right next to our breakfast table in the morning. Next stop was Laka Manyara. But due to the many rains of the past 3 years, it has more than burst its banks and entire parts of the surrounding forest are flooded, old roadways impassable so that we could not get to the edge of the lake. As a result, we have seen few flamingos and pelicans, according to George due to the high water level. But the location of our green camp deep in the park, on the edge of a waterfall and with buffalo keeping us company for lunch, was magical.

Afterwards to the Serengeti, again with a beautifully situated bush camp and an abundance of animals. Ngorongoro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the icing on the cake. The fact that we were often as good as the only tourists in the green camps might have made it even more special.

A big compliment to Marjolijn and her team for this wonderful trip and the real-time support with questions or difficulties about the covid test on site, adjustment of flight hours, etc.. Not to mention a big thank you to George, our driver/guide during 10 days that has made this trip a highlight in the many trips we have made so far!

Xavier and Rais; Frank and Brigit



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