What an experience!

29 December 2022 | Marco, Annemieke, Steyn Mienke en Britt

From Arusha to Lake Manyara

Tanzania•December 30, 2022•27°
After a good flight we arrived in Arusha. At the airport, Explore Tanzania was patiently waiting for us with a taxi.
In the dark we drive without street lights to our hotel in Arusha. It is pitch  dark so we didn’t see anything of the country so far.
The first day departed from Arusha to Lake Manyara. Eyes short when we drive through the city. So much happens around you that you don’t know where to look first.
On our first day we already see a lot in Lake Manyara National Park; Monkeys, Giraffes, Elephants, Aardvarks, Tortoise, Osprey, Antelopes, Buffaloes and Gazelles.
Upon arrival at the Greencamp we are warmly welcomed with a drink. After a donkey shower there is a beautifully laid table in the river bed. They served delicious food, with a phenomenal view of the setting sun.

The first night at “the camping spot” went fine, lots of sounds and noise from the bush.

In the morning we were woken up by the monkeys. As soon as we left our tent, it was used as a trampoline by the “baboons”.

From Karatu, Lake Manyara to Serengeti

Tanzania•December 31, 2022•28°
On the way to the Serengeti we visited the Maasai. Impressive to see that these people can still survive with their way of life in this modern age. After visiting these Maasai we went via the main road (= cart track) through a side entrance to the south of Serengeti. The only place where it is still allowed to deviate from the “prepared road”. Crossing with the Jeep through the endless plains.
We searched an area the size of the province of Utrecht for the infamous Big-5. This is impossible to do without a guide, our guide Frank navigates us by feel, without radio, GPS, WiFi, G4 or the like to the different territories, what a boss. We saw lions and lionesses, many zebras and wildebeests, but also hard-working dung beetles and centipedes.

We celebrate New Year’s Eve with a festive BBQ and a good glass of wine. We are spared all mandatory apps and phone calls, quite strange to be completely cut off from the rest of our usual world. We are tired of all the impressions and at 22:30 we already say goodbye to 2022.

Meatu / Serengeti

Tanzania•January 1, 2023•27°
At 4:30 am the alarm goes off. We have breakfast  with a fantastic sunrise again. Fresh fruit, pancakes, sandwiches, fried and boiled eggs, we lack nothing.
Especially for the children we have lunch at an airstrip with WiFi, contact with the home front.
We saw many animals today with young; Elephants, Cheetahs, Lions, various birds. The Leopard is not yet visible, our guide Frank is clearly slightly irritated about this. His more than 10 years of experience has let him down. The different Rangers also have no idea where they could be. In the evening we enjoy carefully made local African delicacies.

Serengeti / Karatu

Tanzania•January 2, 2023•28°
Wandering further into the south Serengeti, looking for all the wild beasts, we stumbling across the many wildebeest and zebras. We see actions of lions and lionesses with their cubs. Cheetahs, Giraffes, Elephants, Ostriches, Buffaloes, and everything I forgot. Luckily we still have the pictures. I now have 1077x on camera. The Gopro, telephone, wildcam not yet included. I have no idea how many photos Steyn, Mienke, Britt and Annemieke took. It will be quite a job to sort out all the photos and videos. At the end of the day we drive out of the Serengati via the main entrance, past the Ngorongoro crater. We sleep in a beautiful lodge with a swimming pool where we can rinse off all the dust.

Via Ngorongoro krater to Arusha

Tanzania•January 3, 2023•25°
05:00 am the alarm sounds and we leave at 5:45 am. Driving through the crater is like driving through a zoo, unbelievable that so many animals live so close together. We have breakfast next to a lake with hippos and we get used to all this beauty. Following the tour through the crater, back to Arusha. I love driving a car, but driving in Arusha is really a challenge, Frank does his utmost to avoid the crowds and traffic jams in the city. By doing so giving us a nice impression of the city and insight into the big difference between rich and poor. Tipping in this country makes you feel good, you see they have good use for it.

From Arusha to Zanzibar

Tanzania•January 4, 2023•34°
We get up early for departure to Zanzibar. Just check in next to the planes and wait in a tent. It’s nice that you can see what happens to your suitcase. In Stone Town again a taxi is waiting to take us to our resort. The 1.5 hour drive gives a good impression of Zanzibar, the roads are better (you can drive on most roads without a jeep).
Nice people are waiting for us with a fruit mix, and guide us to our house. Before noon we lie at the lovely swimming pool.

Tanzania•January 5, 2023•33°
Swimming in the sea, a visit to the village and in the evening an acrobatic show from the local bodybuilders.

Tanzania•January 6, 2023•33°
Today we snorkel around the island of Bill Gates. As a surprise we could also swim with dolphins on the high seas, followed by a fish lunch on the beach. We have been out all day for $60 and again had another unforgettable experience. From now on I am really in love with this country and its people.


From Kisauni Zanzibar to home

Tanzania•January 7, 2023•31°
On the way home, via Stone Town to Dar es Salaam and then the night flight to the Netherlands. We leave with 31 degrees, at home it is 11 degrees.

What an experience Explore Tanzania! Thank you for organizing our wonderful second honeymoon.

Greetings Marco, Annemieke, Steyn Mienke and Britt Lek

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