Travel trends 2024

9 January 2024

The travel landscape is constantly changing and there are a lot of new trends in 2024 as well. From grand adventures to sustainable travel, the following trends will make 2024 extra special.

1. Travel off the beaten path
More and more travelers are choosing to explore lesser-known places and become immersed in local culture. By doing so, you avoid the crowds and boost the local economy. With our sample trip “Off Beat Northern Tanzania,” you’ll experience Tanzania and its National Parks in a different way.

2. Culinaire reizen
More and more travelers are eager to sample local cuisine. They explore traditional flavors and dishes while traveling. This way, the local communities can share their traditions and you as a traveler get an insight into the culture. Check out our sample trip “Delicious Zanzibar” and go on a culinary tour of the island.

3. Eco travelers
Travelers like to choose the perfect accommodation for their destination. There is a growing preference for eco-friendly accommodations in unique locations. Interest in the impact of travel at a destination is growing, which is why travelers are more often consciously choosing to travel sustainably. Read more about our approach to sustainable travel on our sustainability page.

4. Bestemmingen om het water
Almost two-thirds of Dutch travelers choose a destination near the water. It’s time to relax and enjoy. For this, Zanzibar is the right destination: relax on the beach or by the pool of the beautiful lodges.

5. Digital Detox 
More than ever, travelers want to disconnect from technology while on vacation. Shutting yourself off digitally allows you to disconnect and live in the moment. Put your phone away and enjoy the world around you. In Tanzania, it happens naturally that your phone stays in your bag. You experience the connection with each other and nature that will make you forget your cell phone quickly.

6. Slow Travel
Taking more time for one destination and really being able to experience nature and culture. This is at the heart of Slow Travel. You avoid the crowds and can unwind at your destination. Also read our blog: ‘10 advantages of Slow Travel‘.

7. With the whole family
With the focus on creating beautiful memories, it is increasingly popular to travel with the whole family. It’s time for quality time and experiencing the best adventures together.