A trip we will never forget

8 July 2023 | Marcel, Marianne, Leander, Laurénce & Rosalie

What a wonderful experience that seemed to us: on safari in Tanzania.
While orienting on this, we quickly came across Explore Tanzania. And immediately we had the feeling: this is right! Explore Tanzania not only wants us to experience a beautiful safari, but also the total experience with nature and the inhabitants of this beautiful country.

Explore Tanzania has made a nice trip for us: two weeks on safari and one week on Zanzibar.
After a good flight we arrived late in the evening on Saturday at Kilimanjaro airport. After the checks at the airport we drove to our first accommodation: Rivertrees Country Inn. What a beautiful lodge this is. It seemed like a fairytale….And during the day it would be even more beautiful, according to the hostess. Nothing was too much for her and at 10.30 pm we enjoyed our belated dinner in the open air. Great: already! Our first introduction to Tanzania.

It is nice to acclimatize before going on safari. On Sunday we attended a local evangelical church service. Of course we didn’t have to worry about a transfer: Explore Tanzania also arranges this down to the last detail! It was a beautiful experience to sing together, listen together, pray together and talk to each other. Our next introduction to Tanzania. Impressive again!
A nice day off at the lodge and enjoying the monkeys in the trees made us look forward to the adventure to come. Tomorrow!

And then it all really started the next Monday: we are going on safari. In the early morning we met the guide, the suitcases were loaded and the adventure began. On the way to Tarangire National Park.
For 11 days we are immersed in the landscapes and parks of Tanzania: Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. We were amazed at so much beauty in nature: wildebeest, giraffes, dik-diks, elephants, zebras, vultures, python, lions, turtles, buffaloes, hyenas, ostriches, hippos, crocodiles, flamingos, monkeys, chietas… unimaginable. And every day we looked forward to what was to come.

We had a great guide. “Have no expectations, just enjoy the moment….…Pole Pole”. It has given us wonderful moments. The knowledge, humor, tranquility, love for nature and skills of our guide ensured that we had two unforgettable and valuable weeks.
And it was a surprise every time we arrived at a new home. Great: Tarangire Safari Lodge, Lake Manyara Greencamp, Into Wild Africa, Serengeti Greencamp. Waking up at night to buffalo eating grass next to your tent, watching the sun rise through the net of your tent in the morning, sharing experiences with other travelers around the fireplace in the evening, dining in the open air with the roar of a lion. They have been unforgettable moments.
Unfortunately, this safari also came to an end. We say goodbye to the guide and all the beauty that remains behind.

After a beautiful domestic flight we fly from the Serengeti to Zanzibar where we stay for a week. A new experience…..
We take a tour of Stone Town, visit a village with a local guide and get to know the local life. We make a trip at sea, snorkeling and bbq on a sandbank, we sleep late (because that is not possible on safari 😊) and we have nice conversations with the locals who give us an insight into their lives. How we enjoy the atmosphere and the staff of the Casa Beach Hotel in Jambiani. We part as friends after a week!

And we come to the conclusion with our family: we will never forget this trip. We have seen so many beautiful things, how we have enjoyed the accommodations, how we have been relieved in these three weeks (everything was arranged by Explore Tanzania, down to the last detail), what great conversations we had with the population, how much we have learned. This was a life experience!

Explore Tanzania not only organized a great trip for us, but they really transferred the love for the country and its inhabitants to us.

A trip we will never forget!

Marcel, Marianne, Leander, Laurence and Rosalie

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