An ideal time to be in Tanzania now

13 September 2020 | Bart en Kees

Dear Marjolijn,

The 8-day climb of Kilimanjaro via the Lemosho route and the 3-day safari through Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Park in September 2020, have left indelible impressions on my son Bart and me.

We have not at all felt unsafe with regard to Covid-19. Not on the KLM airplane, not in the Ngare Sero Lodge, not during the transfers and not on safari. Everywhere were points to disinfect the hands, the car door handles were cleaned, people wore mouth masks in souvenir shops and in Tanzania everyone is outside and there are open windows almost everywhere. Actually for the tourist, given the tranquility everywhere, it is an ideal time to be in Tanzania. You also help the population because they really need tourism dollars.

The Kilimanjaro guides Valance and Frank, each with more than 200 expeditions, had so much experience that we immediately felt very comfortable with them and their team of porters, cook and toilet man. Top guys who also knew a lot about what we saw and encountered. Good food, no altitude sickness or other physical discomfort due to the clean, boiled drinking water and everyone’s hygiene. You have a great organization on site and they helped us to reach the top, Uhuru-peak without any problems.

Lennard, the safari guide, was also great, he knew a lot, spoke interestingly about the behavior of the animals and, while driving and dodging the holes, did not miss a single animal. A professional in every positive way. Upon arrival at the Tarangire Safari Lodge and Lake Manyara Green Camp, we were wonder-stricken. So beautiful, such great views and the buffalos, zebras, giraffes and baboons within a few dozen meters. In those overnight locations you are completely one with nature in terms of smells, sounds and experience.

Marjolijn, you have a great organization and people around you in Tanzania. Thank you for allowing Bart and I to benefit from this.

Thanks, Kees and Bart Kokee

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