Asante Asante

2 July 2022 | Marco, Linda, Daan & Gijs

To stay in the mood: Asante for an unforgettable trip. What a fantastic 2 weeks we have had. Everything was right and was arranged down to the last detail.
The lodges were just right, nice and small with super friendly staff and after a long safari day a drink and bush TV. Beautiful.
The setup of the parks was perfect, in the Arusha national park we started spotting the first animals such as giraffes, zebras, pumbas, waterbuck etc.
Here we also did a nice round in the canoe on Lake Momella with a beautiful view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Then to the Tarangire national park where we enjoyed the villages and the people who walked around.
In the Tarangire national park we spotted the first elephants in large numbers and we could see lions from a distance.
On arrival at the Tarangire Simba lodge, the waterbucks were even drinking from the pool and the elephants came to visit in the evening.

With a stopover in the Lake Manyara national park, where we had a lovely lunch in the Green Camp Lake Manyara and did an interesting walking safari with the starting point less than 200 meters from a number of lions, we drove on to our third overnight address at Migombani Campsite.

From Migombani we drove to the Serengeti national park on the now well-known Tanzanian roads where African massage is given free of charge.
Before we went to our overnight stay at Into Wild Africa, we were able to spot almost all the animals of the Big 5 on the Game drive and even lions and cheetahs up close. In the evening on Into Wild Africa we couldn’t even go to our tent because there were 2 hippos grazing. You can’t get closer to nature than that.

Then day 2 on the Serengeti, on the advice of our guide we got up early to take a shorter road (about 2 hours!!) outside the Serengeti national park to the north of the park to look for the big migration of the wildebeest.

What an impressive sight that is and to top it all off we even witnessed a crossing of the wildebeest over the Mara River twice, fantastic what a violence.

Our last destination on the mainland was Rhotia valley tented lodge. From here we visited the Ngorongoro crater in a completely different environment. In the evening we had a tour of the orphanage belonging to Rhotia valley.

The country is beautiful and we have seen a lot. Of course the big 5, but also many other beautiful animals and beautiful nature, thanks to our guide Emanuelle!!! What a nice guy that is. He knows so much to tell, is super enthusiastic, cheerful and has eyes with built-in binoculars, we sometimes said to each other.
Because what he could still find while driving, so special. Partly because of him, it has become an unforgettable journey for us.

After a short domestic flight we concluded our trip with a few days in Zanzibar. Fumba beach lodge is a beautiful small-scale lodge where you can relax and enjoy all the impressions you have gained.

We thank Explore Tanzania for arranging this trip. All our wishes have been met. Everything fitted together seamlessly, they were aware of our arrival everywhere.

We will cherish this trip with our family forever.

Dear greetings,
Marco, Linda, Daan and Gijsui

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